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Prof. Haowei WANG
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1. Brief Introduction  

The Research Center for Special Materials (RCSM) in Shanghai Jiao Tong University is the secondary research platform attached to the School of Materials Science and Engineering. Prof. Yaohe Zhou, the academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, and Prof. Renjie Wu, the pioneer researcher in the Chinese composites field, are awarded as the consultants. Prof. Haowei Wang, Yangtze Scholar of the Chinese Ministry of Education, is appointed as the director of RCSM. Currently, there are 19 research fellows in the RCSM, including 5 Professors, 3 associated Professors, 4 lectures, 2 senior engineers and 5 technical staff.

The RCSM is mainly engaged in the development of the processing and manufacturing science and technology for novel special materials. In recent years, the RCSM is deeply devoted to the fields of research, such as the interface manipulation, materials processing and manufacturing, corrosion and protection, fatigue and fracture, and recycling of Al/Mg metals matrix composites. The RCSM has made excellent progress in these research fields, e.g., the direct cast formation of the large complex components using Al metal matrix composites. The research achievements of metal matrix composites are applicable to the areas of national defense, electronics, aerospace and aviation, which create new routes for the development and application of metal matrix composites. Other successful research topics are high damping Al metal matrix composites, zero thermal expansion metal matrix composites, absorption materials for heavy metal ions, photocatalysts and high conductivity composites. In the last decades, the RCSM has undertaken amounts of national key scientific and technological projects, national science foundation projects and international cooperation projects. The RCSM has published about 100 research papers, and been awarded more than 60 terms of Chinese invention patents.

The researches in RCSM are focused on the interaction between the basic theory and practical application. Correspondingly, the RCSM established cooperated research projects with the famous enterprises including the AMSC (Hong Kong) and Henkel Corporation (Germany).

    The RCSM possesses the materials processing and manufacturing facilities for composites fabrication, i.e., in-situ synthesis, squeeze casting, pressure infiltration, solid extrusion and continuous casting. Furthermore, the RCSM has the testing instruments, e.g., static/dynamic materials testing machines, foundry-master Pro analyzer, high-frequency damping analyzer, image analyzer, optical microscope and electrochemical workstation.

2. Research Fields

Light-weight and high-strength Al/Mg metal matrix composites.

Functional composites.

Surface coatings for composites.

Aerospace and aviation materials

Ecological materials

3. Contact Information

Representative: Prof. Haowei WANG

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