2018 Summer School

3rdZhi-Hong International Summer School of Advanced Materials (ISS-AM)-Advanced Materials Processing-
1.       Overview and Purpose
The “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials (ISS-AM) is organized by School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), aiming at promoting the interactive cultural and academic exchange between top-level scholars and students from all over the world. The ISS-AM is named as “Zhi-Hong” not only to commemorate the school founder Professor Zhihong Zhou, but also to inspire the summer school participants since “Zhi-Hong” in Chinese means “being ambitious”.
“Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM is a two-week program with one theme. The theme in 2018 is “Advanced Materials Processing”.
In the last two years, the 1st and 2nd“Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM with the theme of “Advanced Metallic Materials” and “Advanced Functional Materials” were organized successfully. The two events attracted 44 international students from foreign universities, e.g. Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkeley, The Ohio State University, University of Padova, University of Novi Sad, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Alexandria University and University of the Punjab, as well as 51 outstanding Chinese students. Many renowned experts and scholars from our school and foreign institutes, e.g. Northwestern University, The Ohio State University, Osaka University, National Institute for Materials Science in Japan, Federal University of Sao Carlos, were invited to give academic lectures. The summer school also offered various activities, e.g., field trips, student seminars, culture festival, and culture tours.
Introduction to SMSE
SJTU pioneered in setting up the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) in China, based on the program of heat treatment of metals which was established in 1952. Nowadays, the MSE program in SJTU has been consistently ranked among the national top five, being No. 1 in 2003, as evaluated by the Minister of Education. In 2007, the MSE program of SJTU was authorized as the State Key Academic Program at Primary Discipline Level. MSE program of SJTU was ranked 27 in 2017 QS world university ranking and has been listed in the world top 0.1% discipline of ESI for years.
What to expect
The “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM will offer lectures and professional practice of all areas of advanced materials processing and organize student seminars, visits to research laboratories, culture festival, field trips and culture tours in Shanghai. The “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM is also a platform provided for undergraduate and graduate students from all-over the world to interact and build friendship.
A “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM Certificate of Accomplishment will be issued to the participant.
Qualified students all over the world are welcome to apply for this program. A committee composed of SMSE professors at SJTU will make the final selection and determine scholarship winners based on the applicant’s capability and academic records. SJTU will provide necessary assistance for the participants to apply for the visa to come to China.
2.       Time and Venue
Time: July 8-21, 2018
Venue: Minhang Campus, SJTU
3.       Contents
1) Lectures
Topics of the lectures include laser processing and manufacturing, additive manufacturing, advanced casting, advanced welding, advanced forming and so on.. All the lectures will be given by distinguished professors from oversea universities and SJTU.
2) Field trips
On campus:
The research labs affiliated to SMSE at SJTU, e.g. State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Materials Laser Processing and Modification, Shanghai Key Lab of Advanced High-Temperature Materials and Precision Forming.
Off campus:
Research facilities and manufacturing companies in Shanghai, e.g. Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), Baosteel, SAIC Motor. etc.
3) Student seminars
All participants will be teamed up into several study groups. Students in each group will work together on a topic. Groups will make a final competition with each other through PPT presentation. The faculty committee will choose the best group and present the group members “Award of Excellent Team”.
4) Culture tours
Campus tour, Chinese culture activities, and Shanghai city tour will be arranged.
4.       Eligibility
Graduate and undergraduate students who are majored in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), or any other majors related to MSE, such as mechanical engineering, physics, and chemical engineering. A total of 50 domestic and oversea participants will be recruited.
5.       Lecturers
Professor Aihua Luo, The Ohio State University, USA
Professor Yutaka S. Sato, Tohoku University, Japan
Professor Yip-Wah Chung, Northwestern University, USA
Professor Glenn Daehn, The Ohio State University, USA
Professor Baode Sun, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Professor Zhen Zhao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Professor Ping Xiao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
For most updated list of confirmed lectures, please visit the website of “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM:
6.       Fees
Tuition: 3000 RMB
Others costs: meals (~50 RMB/day) and transportation
The summer school will cover the costs of lecture materials, lodging (in SJTU student dormitory), and transportation for group activities.
7.       Scholarships
Type A: “Zhi-Hong Future” Scholarships
Amount: 8000 RMB/person
Each “Zhi-Hong Future” scholarship covers tuition fee and part of the international travel costs up to 5000 RMB/person.
Type B: “Zhi-Hong Excellence” Scholarship
Amount: 3000 RMB/person
Number: more than 80% of the enrolled participants
Each “Zhi-Hong Excellence” scholarship covers the tuition fee.
8.       How to Apply
The applications should be submitted to Ms. Weihui Xie by email at (
Application materials: 1) application form2018 application, 2) CV, 3) academic transcripts, 4) IELTS/TOEFL/CET6 score certificate or any other certificate showing the competency of English (waived for native English speakers), and 5) a one-page personal statement.
Application deadline: Apr 15,2018
*International student should also apply on the website
9.       Contact Us
Coordinator: Weihui XIE
Tel: 86-21-54747664
Address: Room 4005, Xuzuyao Building, School of Materials Science and Engineering   , Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 Dongchuan Road, 200240, Shanghai
Program overview (Tentative)
8-Jul, Sun
Arrival, Registration
9-Jul, Mon
Opening Ceremony, Teaming-up, Ice-breaking, Campus Tour, etc.
10-Jul, Tue
11-Jul, Wed
12-Jul, Thu
13-Jul, Fri
Company Visit, Cultural Festival
14-Jul, Sat
Culture Tour
15-Jul, Sun
Free time
16-Jul, Mon
17-Jul, Tue
18-Jul, Wed
19-Jul, Thu
Company visit
20-Jul, Fri
Group Presentation, Awards & Closing Ceremony
21-Jul, Sat