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Undergraduate Program

   Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the first national key subjects with first level priority in financial support in China. There are about 300 faculty and staff members and about 1300 full-time students in the School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE), including about 50 foreign students who come from more than 10 countries, e.g. France, Russia, Korea, Pakistan, Iran and so on.

   With an international view, SMSE offers the best learning experience to its students, the most rewarding working environment for its faculty and staff members and the most effective service to industry and the society. SMSE now is developing toward a world first class school with initiative spirit, and great achievements of faculty and students.
MSE program of SJTU was ranked 25 in 2018 QS world university ranking; 
MSE program in SJTU, has been consistently remained in national top 5, in last ten years;
MSE program in SJTU was ranked No. 1 by the Ministry of Education in 2003;
MSE in SJTU was authorized as the first-class National Key Discipline in 2007;
MSE in SJTU has been listed in world top 1‰ discipline of ESI for years.

   To provide internationally recognized education in the field of materials science and engineering, cultivating students with strong problem solving abilities in science and engineering, global vision, as well as communication and teamwork skills.  


   The International Program aims to cultivate students capable of: 

1. Solving complex science engineering problems by making use of their understanding of the relationships of microstructure, properties, performance, and processing of materials. 
2. Perceiving and following the rapidly changing scientific and technological trends, and driving the development of future technologies. 
3. Communicating effectively with colleagues or peers all over the world.
4. Making substantial contribution to science, technology, and society.

   The program of undergraduate education in Materials Science and Engineering includes four parts: general education courses, major courses, practical education courses and personalized courses. For major courses, it consists of three parts, namely, fundamental courses, MSE compulsory courses and MSE selective courses. The specialized courses are listed here:

Fundamental education courses

 Introduction to Engineering

 Thermodynamics of Materials

 Materials Chemistry

 Physics of Materials

 Mechanics of Materials


MSE compulsory courses

 Principles of Materials Processing

 Fundamentals of Materials Science & Engineering

 Structural and Chemical Characterization of Materials

 Physical Properties of Materials

 Mechanical Behavior of Materials

MSE elective courses

 Biomedical Materials

 Composite Materials

 Functional Materials

 Metal Processing Technologies

The International Undergraduate Course Map


International cooperation and Exchange 

   SMSE has academic cooperation and exchange with many renowned universities and corporations at home and abroad. Excellent students are sent abroad regularly to pursue Master's degree, Doctor's degree within a short-term academic exchanges.
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