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The school keeps in line with the training program and curriculum system of international first-class material major, actively develops international joint training programs such as double degree program and student exchange program, increases the enrollment scale of overseas students, enhances full-English curricula construction for undergraduate and postgraduate and improves the cultivation quality of overseas students. It has already signed agreements on joint degree programs or student exchange with the Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University and University of California, Davis in the U.S., Institut National Polytechnique De Grenoble, Paris Institute of Technology and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers in France, Monash University in Australia and other famous universities and has set up international undergraduate experimental class, offering 17 full-English courses.

Parts of the joint training programs (by country)

NO. Country (Region) (Name of the University) Category of the Joint Training Program
1 U.S. Northwestern University Double Master Program
2 U.S. Ohio State University Double Doctor Program
3 U.S. Carnegie Mellon University 3+1+1Joint Training Program
4 U.S. University of California, Davis 3+1+1Joint Training Program
5 U.S. Johns Hopkins University Undergraduate Exchange Program
6 U.S. Harvard University Internship Program
7 U.K. Oxford Internship Program
8 France Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers Double Master Program
9 France Paris Institute of Technology Double Master Program
10 France University of Paris-Sud Internship Program
11 France University of Technology MBA-DBA Program
12 France Institut National Polytechnique De Grenoble Double Master Program
13 Germany University of Bremen Student Exchange Program
14 Sweden KTH Royal Institute of Technology Framework Agreement
15 Australia Monash University Double Doctor Program
16 Italy Polytechnic University of Milan Student Exchange Program
17 Italy University of Padua Postgraduate Exchange Program
18 Japan Tohoku University Postgraduate Exchange Program or Joint Training Program

Parts of the joint training programs (by cooperation category)

Double Degree Program

  • U.S., Ohio State University, Double Doctor Program
  • Australia, Monash University, Double Doctor Program
  • U.S., Northwestern University, Double Master Program
  • France, Institut National Polytechnique De Grenoble, Double Master Program
  • France, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers, Double Master Program
  • France, Paris Institute of Technology, Double Master Program

Joint Training Program:

  • U.S., University of California, Davis, 3+1+1Joint Training Program
  • U.S., Carnegie Mellon University, 3+1+1Joint Training Program

Student Exchange Program:

  • Taiwan University, Student Exchange Program
  • U.S., Johns Hopkins University, Student Exchange Program
  • Germany, University of Bremen, Student Exchange Program
  • Italy, Polytechnic University of Milan, Student Exchange Program
  • Italy, University of Padua, Student Exchange Program
  • Japan, Tohoku University, Postgraduate Exchange Program or Joint Training Program

Internship Program:

  • U.S., Harvard University, Summer-vacation Internship Program
  • France, University of Paris-Sud, Summer-vacation Internship Program
  • U.K., University of Cambridge, Summer-vacation Internship Program
1. France, University of Technology, MBA-DBA Program 

2. Sweden, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Framework Agreement

Parts of cooperation base, joint lab, joint research center and joint research project
Taking materials genome research project and advanced light metal materials research as the carrier, the school introduces academic experts in related fields to jointly conduct materials frontier research and publish high-level research results. In 2015, the school introduced Professor Gerbrand Ceder, the initiator of U.S. materials genome, to serve as chief scientist of Materials Genome Joint Research Center in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He worked with an international academic master and 11 academic backbones to jointly develop the Innovation and Talent Recruitment Base of “Advanced Light Metal Materials” published and approved by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Moreover, the school has successfully declared an International Science and Technology Cooperation Award in Shanghai. 
The school has also developed further scientific research cooperation and communication with famous universities including Tohoku University in Japan and famous enterprises including the Schneider Electric Group in France, Hitachi and Toyota in Japan, Morgan Crucible in the U.K. and GM R&D Center in the U.S., etc.
With the further development of internationalization strategy, the academic reputation and international influence of the school have also been enhanced.
1) “111”Innovation and Talent Recruitment Base of Advanced Light Metal Materials 
2) International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Laser Manufacturing
3) Shanghai Jiao Tong University—Worcester Polytechnic Institute Metal Processing Joint Research Center
4) Shanghai Jiao Tong University—Morgan Crucible Metal-Matrix Composite Joint Lab 
5) Shanghai Jiao Tong University—Tohoku University Materials Science Joint Research Center
6) Shanghai Jiao Tong University—Schneider Electric Group New Materials Joint Research Center
7) Shanghai Jiao Tong University—Alcan Group Metal-Matrix Composite Joint Lab 
8) Shanghai Jiao Tong University—WINTOP Environmental and Energy Materials Joint Research Center
9) CHINLAS (Sino-Germany Science-Technology Cooperative Project)
10) Shanghai Jiao Tong University—Hitachi Materials Innovation Joint Lab

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