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The 2021 Graduate Graduation Ceremony of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Was Successfully Held

APR 12,2021   

On the afternoon of March 27, 2021, the 2021 graduate graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University was held in the lecture hall, No. 100, Chenruiqiu building. Present at the graduation ceremony were AIdang Shan, secretary of the party committee of SMSE, Baode Sun, president of SMSE, Qinshuo Shen, executive vice president of the Alumni Association, as well as representatives of tutors, head teachers of graduating classes, teachers of the school training office and graduates in 2021. The ceremony was presided over by Xiaodan Shen, deputy secretary of the college Party committee.

The ceremony opened in the solemn national anthem. On behalf of the college, president Baode Sun sent a message that all graduates take "choosing Jiao Tong University means choosing responsibility" as their own responsibility. To stick to this responsibility, graduates need to develop excellent skills, increase their talents through experience, never forget their original intention in the key life choices, and always maintain the enterprising spirit of climbing the peak bravely. It is hoped that the graduates will take Xuesen Qian, Xuhua Huang, Zhansheng Chen and other senior students as examples, take the responsibility of bravely climbing the peak, pursuing excellence, contributing to the society and serving the people as their lifelong responsibility, and will live up to the mission and responsibility of Jiao Tong University's material personnel in the new era.

Figure 1. Speech by President Baode Sun.

Professor Fenggui Lu spoke as the representative of the tutor. She recalled the warm moment when teachers and students overcame difficulties, accompanied and encouraged each other. Combined with the characteristics of her major, she encourages the graduates not to be afraid of difficulties and obstacles, ride the wind and waves, forge ahead, realize the value of life, and become the "material" of the pillars. At the same time, she also hopes that the graduates can often go back to their alma mater to have a look. The SMSE will always be a warm harbor for everyone.

Figure 2. Speech by Professor Fenggui Lu.

As a representative of graduates, Binghao Deng shared his learning and growth experience in the school of materials with the theme of "cherish time and keep love". While expressing his reluctant feelings to his teachers and classmates and good wishes to his alma mater, he also made a promise on behalf of the graduates that he would like to work hard to fulfill his mission for the country and the people Strict commitment.

Figure 3. Speech by Deng Binghao, the representative of graduates.

Later, Aidang Shan secretary read out the commendation list of outstanding graduates in Shanghai and presented them with medals.

Professor Tao Deng read out the list of excellent master's and doctoral dissertations, and presented certificates to the students who won the above honors.

At the degree awarding ceremony, the graduates of master's degree and doctor's degree came to the stage in turn, took the heavy graduation certificates from the tutors, accepted the ear picking ceremony, and took a group photo with the tutors.

Guohui Lian and Shuang Lei, on behalf of all the graduates, presented the college with a gift of "one world at one heart": the schematic diagram of the atomic structure of iridium, the XRD diffraction pattern of cerium, the electron diffraction pattern of copper and the crystal structure of zinc. The four elements "iridium, cerium, copper and zinc" are homophonic with "one world at one heart", expressing the graduates' strong friendship to the college and teachers.

Aidang Shan secretary and president Baode Sun accepted graduation gifts on behalf of the college, and presented customized graduation seals to the graduate representatives, expressing the college's ardent expectations and good wishes for the graduates.

On behalf of the alumni, Mr. Qinshuo Shen sent a message to the graduates and introduced the basic situation of the Alumni Association of the SMSE. Qinshuo Shen led all the graduates to wear the Alumni Association badge to formally join the Alumni Association on behalf of all the graduates. Then, Qinshuo Shen read out the appointment list of class directors of each graduating class, and issued the appointment letters to them.

The 2021 graduate graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of SMSE came to a successful conclusion in the familiar school Anthem of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The graduates and the school of materials will never forget. In 2021, all graduates will always be grateful, keep in mind the school motto of "drinking water to think of the source, love our country and honor our school", be a person of Jiao Tong University who never forgets his original intention, bravely undertakes the mission, and integrates knowledge with action, serve the motherland with practical actions, and deliver excellent answers to his alma mater, the motherland and the times.

Welcome to the graduates, often go home to have a look!

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