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SMSE Held a Series of Activities for the 125th Anniversary of SJTU

APR 11,2021   

April 10 is the 125th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Nearly 100 alumni of SMSE returned to the campus and participated in the celebration activities carefully planned by the school and the college. Due to the epidemic situation, alumni who could not participate in offline activities conducted "cloud back to school" through online live broadcast. On the birthday of our alma mater, alumni of SMSE gather on campus and in the cloud to recall their youth and seek common development. 

From 9 a.m., alumni come back to the campus one after another. The student anchor of SMSE traveled around the campus with the absent alumni through live broadcast.


At 10 o'clock sharp, the 125th Anniversary Meeting of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was held in Huo Yingdong gymnasium. The 2021 president award ceremony was also held ceremoniously. Among them, the National Engineering Research Center for light alloy precision forming of SMSE won the award, and Wenjiang Ding, director of the center and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, received the award on behalf of the team. Zhenbin Yang, secretary of the party committee, and Zhongqin Lin, president of SJTU, presented awards to the winners.


Alumni visit the newly built museum of SJTU history—Wenbo building.


At 2 p.m., the alumni photography exhibition and the unveiling ceremony of alumni culture wall were held in Zuyao Xu building. Aidang Shan, secretary of the party committee of SMSE, Baode Sun, president of SMSE, Qinshuo Shen, executive vice president of the Alumni Association, and Xiaozhong Jin, secretary general of the Alumni Association attended the opening ceremony.


At 3 p.m., the alumni work seminar is being held in Yaozheng lecture hall of Zuyao Xu building. Alumni come together to recall the past and seek development.


At the seminar, President Baode Sun reported the current situation of the school of materials and looked forward to the future development goals of the school.


Vice president Jie Dong introduced to the alumni the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the situation of scientific and technological achievements.


Representatives of alumni present spoke enthusiastically to seek common development and talk about the future.


As night falls, the beautiful Siyuan lake is full of laughter. Alumni gathered in the square in front of Yugang Bao library to participate in the open-air Song Festival of "overlooking the grassland beauty and singing together the love of Siyuan".


President Baode Sun opened the song festival.


Teachers, students and alumni of SMSE bring wonderful programs to the audience.


Zhenbin Yang, secretary of the party committee of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, visited the open-air song fair of SMSE to bring sincere greetings to the alumni present.


With the enthusiasm of teachers, students and alumni, secretary Yang showed his voice on stage and sang four touching songs for the audience.


Secretary Zhenbin Yang and Inner Mongolia alumni sang the Mongolian song Hulunbuir prairie.


The Inner Mongolia Research Institute sends the ardent expectation and good wishes from grassland to Secretary Yang, and hopes Inner Mongolia and Shanghai Jiao Tong University will go hand in hand to build a dream!


At last, vice president Qinshuo Shen announced the perfect ending of the alumni open-air Song Festival of "overlooking the grassland beauty and singing together the love of the source", which marks the 125th anniversary of the school of materials.

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