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No.13th Online Materials Frontier Forum Held Successfully

JUNE 24,2021   

Shanghai Jiao Tong University the School of Materials Science and Engineering held No. 13th “Online Materials Frontier Forum”on June 24th, 2021 at Xu Zuyao Building Room A500 and Tencent online meeting room. The topic for this forum is “Mechanical Performance of Alloys and Their Advanced Manufacturing”,presented by Prof. Bo Chen from University of Leicester, UK. The forum was hosted by Prof. Jun Li from the Institute of Advanced Materials and Solidification (IAMS) and many students and faculty members have participated.

During the seminar, Prof. Bo Chen introduced materials prepared by conventional and additive methods including steel, titanium alloy and nickel base superalloy. The internal relations among processing, material properties and service properties, especially the structural properties of materials at high temperature, include creep, fracture and creep fracture relationship—facture relation. The whole report explain profound theories in simple language, professional but interesting.

In the next interactive session, the audiences actively ask question, Prof. Bo Chen answered one by one and he said everyone’s questions are very cutting edge.

Before the end of the report, Prof. Bo Chen welcome those students who are interested in studying abroad to keep in touch with him, Prof. Jun Li welcome Prof. Bo Chen to visit Shanghai Jiaotong University again after the epidemic period.

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