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No.14th SMSE“Academic Masters Forum”Held Successfully

JUNE 23,2021   

Shanghai Jiao Tong University the School of Materials Science and Engineering held No. 14th “Academic Masters Forum”on June 23th, 2021 at Xu Zuyao Building Room A500.The topic for this forum is “Extended Application State of Bulk Metallic Glasses and Some Novel Phenomena for High Entropy and Pseudo-High Entropy Glassy Alloys”,presented by the former president of Northeast University of Japan, Academician of the Japanese Academy of Sciences, Foreign academician of American Academy of Engineering Prof. Akihisa Inoue. The forum was hosted by Prof. Guangyin Yuan from the Institute of Light Alloys, who have been worked as JSPS researcher at Akihisa Inoue’s team at Northeast University, over 60 students and faculty member have participated.

Before the session, Prof. Guangyuan Yin introduced Prof. Akihisa Inoue’s research experiences and contributions in bulk amorphous materials, quasicrystals, high entropy alloys, etc. The scientific research papers published by Prof. Akihisa Inoue were top cited in international material industry for 11 consecutive years from 1996 to 2006. By the end of 2019, the total number of citations of Prof. Akihisa Inoue's papers has reached 1182720, and the maximum number of citations of a single research paper (non review) has reached 5000. Although Prof. Akihisa Inoue have past his 70s, he is still energetic and active in the front line of scientific research, guiding graduate students and young researchers, promote the high-end application research of bulk amorphous and other advanced materials in medical devices, precision instruments, electronic products and other fields.

During the presentation, Prof. Akihisa Inoue introduced the detail of the latest research progress in unique properties and industrial application status of bulk amorphous materials. At the same time, aiming at the current research focus of high entropy alloy, Prof. Akihisa Inoue further elaborated the difference and relationship between amorphous materials and high entropy alloy materials from the "three principles of well amorphous design". He particularly mentioned that the idea of equal proportion composition design of high entropy alloy was originally derived from a research paper published by the Inoue’s team in 2002. The whole report explain profound theories in simple language, professional but interesting,deepen the students’ impression in understanding of connotation of amorphous materials and high entropy alloy materials and stimulates students' interest in related fields at the same time.

In the next interactive session, the audiences actively ask question, Prof. Akihisa Inoue answered one by one and he said everyone’s questions are very cutting edge. He encourages students to actively explore, face up to the research challenges of amorphous materials, high entropy alloys and other materials, and make their own contributions to the progress of human science and technology.

Before the end of the report, Prof. Akihisa Inoue welcome those students to visit him at his temporary office, Prof. Guangyin Yuan welcome Prof. Akihisa Inoue to visit Shanghai Jiaotong University again in the future.

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