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The 2021 Graduate Opening Ceremony of School of Materials Science and Engineering Held successfully

SEPT 14,2021   

The graduate opening ceremony of the School of Materials Science and Engineering was held in No. 100, Chenruiqiu Building, in the afternoon of September 13th, 2021. Due to the weather, the ceremony was also held at the Xuhui Campus simultaneously. All the graduates in 2021 welcomed the new chapter of their lives together through the form of "main venue and sub-venue (live online)".

Present at the opening ceremony were AIdang Shan, secretary of the party committee of SMSE, Baode Sun, president of SMSE, Zhenshan Cui, faculty representative, as well as class teachers of new graduate students, representatives of internal students, and all new graduate students in 2021. The ceremony was presided over by Xiaodan Shen, deputy secretary of the college party committee.

First of all, on behalf of the College, secretary Aidang Shan welcomed all the new graduate students in 2021. He gave a brief overview of the history and scientific research of the college with the theme of president Zhongqin Lin’s speech at the commencement ceremony, "Take pains as pleasure, be an ambitious person of Shanghai Jiao Tong University". He encouraged all the new graduate students to take pains as pleasure, and make it their inner pursuit to establish great ambitions, understand great virtues, become great talents, and take up great responsibilities. He earnestly expected all the new graduate students to have a heart for our country and aspirations. Discovering the joy of scientific research and innovation in solving the practical problems with urgent national needs, and becoming an ambitious material personnel of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Then, Prof. Zhenshan Cui gave a speech as the representative of teachers. From his own research experience, he pointed out there are still many urgent reality problems and key core technologies that are restricted by others in China's economic and social development, national defense construction, and other fields. He hoped that every graduate student should have the ambition to challenge the world's scientific frontier and uphold the style of hard work, the attitude of innovation, and the spirit of never giving up on the road of research. Finally, Prof. Zhenshan Cui expressed his good wishes to all the new students, hoping that they will enjoy doing research, create and discover something.

As the representative of the SMSE, Xiaokang Huang shared his insights and gains of studying and living in Shanghai Jiao Tong University over the past two years. From "ignorance" to "getting better", Xiaokang Huang shared his thoughts on how to adapt to the new stage of life in the institute as soon as possible. As a senior, he encouraged the younger students to be mindful of the country, be diligent and self-disciplined, precipitate in the accumulation, and grow in the experience.

As the representative of the new students, Junfeng Wang said in his speech that as a new graduate student in 2021, he will develop the ability of independent scientific research, constantly broaden the knowledge, solidify the internal skills, and enrich the connotation of "choosing Shanghai Jiao Tong University is choosing responsibility" with practical actions.

At the ceremony, president Baode Sun awarded the appointment letters to the class teachers of new graduate students in the SMSE of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2021.

After completing all the agendas successfully, the ceremony was closed in the sound of the solemn and heroic school song. We hope that the new graduate students in 2021 will concentrate on their new life stage, do their work, and be the material personnel of Shanghai Jiao Tong University with ambition, backbone, and strength!

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