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No.15th Online Materials Frontier Forum Held Successfully

SEPT 28,2021   

The School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University held No. 15th “Online Materials Frontier Forum” in the morning of September 28th, 2021 at Xu Zuyao Building Room A500 and Tencent online meeting room. The topic of this forum is “Energy Conversion and Storage”,presented by Prof. Yijin Kang from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. The forum was hosted by Prof. Jiayan Luo from the Institute of Advanced Materials and Solidification (IAMS) and many students and faculty members have participated.

During the seminar, Prof. Yijin Kang introduced the effects of components, morphology, and crystalline structure on the performance of catalytic materials. Moreover, he presented the exploration of some new processes in catalysis. The whole forum was insightful, professional, and interesting.

In the next interactive session, the students and teachers actively asked questions. Subsequently, Prof. Yijin Kang answered them one by one and said these questions are very cutting edge.

Before the end of the report, Prof. Yijin Kang welcomed students who are interested in his research field to get in touch with him. Finally, we welcome Prof. Yijin Kang to visit Shanghai Jiao Tong University again after the epidemic period.

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