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Hydrogen Science Centre of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Successfully Conducted the 53rd Session of the Science Popularization Series —— Hearing Academician Ding Talk About the Amazing Hydrogen Science

OCT 11,2021   

To inspire children’s interest in learning and to experience the magic and wonders of science, the Hydrogen Science Centre of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), together with the Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation (SSEDF), held the 53rd session of SJTU Hydrogen Science Centre's Science Popularization Series – "Hearing Academician Ding Talk About the Amazing Hydrogen Science" at SJTU Kindergarten on 11 October 2021. The event invited academician Wenjiang Ding, Director of the Centre for Hydrogen Science of SJTU, to give a lecture on "The Amazing Science of Hydrogen". Dr. Haiyan Yang, Director of the Hydrogen Science Centre Office of SJTU, and Dr. Zhiguang Ding, Chairman of Shanghai Hydrogen Health Technology Co, fully supported the activities.

At the beginning of the activity, academician Ding shared his own study experience, so that children could feel the spirit of hard work and inspiring research of the person in SJTU while listening to the story. It plants the seed of admiration for scientists in the minds of the children and establishes the correct concept of idols from childhood.

Afterwards, Academician Ding used lively pictures and popular science videos to talk about the characteristics of hydrogen and its applications in energy, medicine, and agronomy, which are closely related to our life. In the face of the children's various questions including "What is it?" and "Why?" Academician Ding patiently answered their questions one by one.

To welcome the upcoming Double Ninth Festival and to reinforce the children's love for traditional Chinese culture, Academician Ding also organized an ancient poetry recitation analysis competition for the children, they participated actively. Shanghai Hydromax Health Technology Co., Ltd. prepared beautiful prizes for the participating children.

At the end of the event, the children sent their festive wishes to Academician Ding for the Double Ninth Festival in advance, and the event came to a successful conclusion with a lot of laughter.

Passing on the spirit of inspiration, spreading scientific knowledge, and promoting traditional culture. This activity allowed the children to understand the spirit of the old generation's hard work, to feel the charm of science and scientists, and to experience the charm of traditional culture. It not only strengthened the children's courage in the face of difficulties and inspired their desire to explore and learn, but also enlightened their wisdom and cultivated their ambition to learn science and respect their heritage.

Author: Yaping Fan

Photographer: Haiyan Yang

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