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Copyright Export Textbook —— "Fundamentals of Materials Science (English)" published

NOV 29,2021   

"Fundamentals of Materials Science” is a fundamental course in Materials Science and Engineering, which studies the interrelationship between material composition, organization, preparation processes, and material properties and applications to guide the design and application of materials. Since the publication of “Fundamentals of Materials Science” (edited by Gungxiang Hu, Xun Cai, and Yonghua Rong) by our publishers in 2000, this book has undergone two revisions, been printed 40 times, and sold more than 200,000 copies. Besides, this textbook has been selected by thirty universities in China and won the first prize of "National Excellent Textbook (Higher Education Category)" in 2020. Therefore, it has been fully recognized by teachers and students.

In 2015, the copyright of this textbook was exported to the German publishing house De Gruyter. For this reason, Professor Zhuguo Li of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has set up a team to translate and revise the textbook. The team is composed of teachers who have been teaching this course for a long time. After years of work, the book was published by De Gruyter in early 2021 and distributed overseas. The English version in China was published in two volumes in September 2021.

“Fundamentals of Materials Science” (English)

Edited by Gengxiang Hu, Xun Cai, and Yonghua Rong

Translated by Zhuguo Li, Da Shu, Zhenghong Guo, Xiaodong Wang, and Guo He

Shanghai Jiaotong University Publisher


“Fundamentals of Materials Science” (English version) is based on the development of materials science and teaching experience. Several chapters have been added to the original Chinese version, relevant pictures have been updated, some contents have been eliminated, and the chapters of the Chinese version of the textbook have also been rearranged according to teaching requirements.

The English version of this book is published in two volumes. The first volume covers the atomic structure and interatomic bonding (Chapter 1), the structure of solids (Chapter 2), crystal defects (Chapter 3), deformation and recrystallization of materials (Chapter 4), and diffusion in solids (Chapter 5).

The second volume builds on the previous volume and introduces the laws of transformation of material organization, including change from liquid or vapor phase to solid phase for one-component systems (Chapter 6), binary phase diagrams and solidification of alloys (Chapter 7), ternary phase diagram (Chapter 8), the foundation of solid phase transformation (Chapter 9), and functional properties of materials (Chapter 10).

Content of Textbook I

Content of Textbook II

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