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The 2nd SMSE "Materials People - Materials Day" series of theme activities held successfully!

DEC 7,2021   

   On the afternoon of 27th November 2021, the second "Materials People - Materials Day" of SMSE was held in the vicinity of the Xu Zuyao Building. Xiaodan Shen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, and representatives of teachers and students from various subject groups attended the event, this event attracted nearly 1,000 students and teachers from SMSE to participate.

  To welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, this event adds the Materials Tour Exhibition, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition, and Vegetable Garden Cultural Style Exhibition based on the previous Materials Day. It incorporates the characteristics of SMSE, shows the cultivation characteristics and scientific research achievements of SMSE, enhances the discussion and exchange between the teachers and students, stimulates the learning enthusiasm of the students of SMSE, and enriches the reserve of professional knowledge of Materials.

   Stepping into the door of "Materials People · Materials Day", materials people became "explorers" and started their journey of exploration orderly along the material exhibition on the road. The main event of "Materials People · Materials Day" was the presentation of the subject groups. Each group presented its laboratory technology and results in the form of stalls and panels. Through quizzes and small experiments, the explorers were given an insight into different research directions the wonders of the materials world in an easy-to-understand language.

   This event also featured a "walk in the lab" session, where live simulations and fantastic research explorations not only deepened students' understanding of the lab but also revealed the uniqueness of the materials discipline.

   In the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Poster Area, the National Award winners, outstanding works of the Weicai Cup, and posters of research projects in different directions prepared by various subject groups were displayed.

    At the event site, each “explorer” also punched in the buffet area to pick up a variety of their favorite sugar figures.

   The "explorers" who collected all the fragments in the process of the activity were given a photo passport of the Xu Zuyao Building and were redeemed for prizes prepared by the organizers. 

   Finally, after a fierce competition, Chiral Talent, the Hydrogen Science Centre, and the Titanium Alloy and Titanium Matrix Composites booths won the "Best Booth Award". Xiaoyan Wang, Haibo Zhang, and Meng Sun won the "Excellent Poster Award". The organizers awarded prizes to the winning teachers and students and took photos for them. The "Materials People · Materials Day" came to a successful end.

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