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Name: Tao DENG

Title: Professor

Office: Room 309, Material Building H

Tel: +86-21-5474-5582

Fax: +86-21-3420-2749

Email: dengtao@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Composite Materials


Prof. Tao Deng leads a research group in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is also teaching classes related to Materials Properties, both at undergraduate and graduate level at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Biographical Information

Dr. Tao Deng is the “Zhi Yuan” Professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In 1996, Dr. Deng graduated from Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China with a B.S. in Materials Chemistry. From 1996-2001, Dr. Deng studied unconventional micro/nano fabrication processes and systems at the Department of Chemistry in Harvard University. After obtaining his Ph.D degree from Harvard University, he joined MIT as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, with research focusing on micro/nano photonics. In 2003, he joined General Electric (GE)’s Global Research Center at Niskayuna, New York as a research scientist. Dr. Deng served as senior scientist and principal investigator for several GE’s internal and external programs before he moved to Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2012.

Research Interests

Bioinspired materials engineering; bioinspired micro/nano device fabrication; thermal energy detection, transfer, conversion and storage.

Selected Publications

1.    Yang, Z., Zhang, J., Zhang, L., Fu, B., Tao, P., Song, C., Shang, W., Deng, T. Self-Assembly in Hopper-Shaped Crystals. Advanced Functional Materials, 30 (26), 1908108, 2020.
2.    Wang, Z., Shen, Q., Zhang, J., Jiang, M., Chen, W., Tao, P., Song, C., Fu, B., Deng, T., Shang, W. Self-Powered Infrared Detection Using a Graphene Oxide Film. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8 (18), 9248-9255, 2020.
3.    Xu, J., Wang, Z., Chang, C., Fu, B., Tao, P., Song, C., Shang, W., Deng, T. Solar-Driven Interfacial Desalination for Simultaneous Freshwater and Salt Generation. Desalination, 484, 114423, 2020.
4.    Jiang, M., Shen, Q., Zhang, J., An, S., Ma, S., Tao, P., Song, C., Fu, B., Wang, J., Deng, T., Shang, W. Bioinspired Temperature Regulation in Interfacial Evaporation. Advanced Functional Materials, 30 (14), 1910481, 2020.
5.    Shen, Q., Ma, S., Luo, Z., An, S., He, J., Zhang, R., Tao, P., Song, C., Wu, J., Potyrailo, R.A., Deng, T., Shang, W. Butterfly Wing Inspired High Performance Infrared Detection with Spectral Selectivity. Advanced Optical Materials, 8 (6), 1901647, 2020.
6.    An, S., Zhu, M., Gu, K., Jiang, M., Shen, Q., Fu, B., Song, C., Tao, P., Deng, T., Shang, W. Light-Driven Motion of Water Droplets with Directional Control on Nanostructured Surfaces. Nanoscale, 12 (7), 4295-4301, 2020.
7.    Wu, S., Li, T., Tong, Z., Chao, J., Zhai, T., Xu, J., Yan, T., Wu, M., Xu, Z., Bao, H., Deng, T., Wang, R. High-Performance Thermally Conductive Phase Change Composites by Large-Size Oriented Graphite Sheets for Scalable Thermal Energy Harvesting. Advanced Materials, 31 (49), 1905099, 2019.
8.    Chen, W., Ma, Y., Li, F., Pan, L., Gao, W., Xiang, Q., Shang, W., Song, C., Tao, P., Zhu, H., Pan, X., Deng, T., Wu, J. Strong Electronic Interaction of Amorphous Fe2O3 Nanosheets with Single-Atom Pt toward Enhanced Carbon Monoxide Oxidation. Advanced Functional Materials, 29 (42), 1904278, 2019.
9.    Tao, P., Chang, C., Tong, Z., Bao, H., Song, C., Wu, J., Shang, W., Deng, T. Magnetically-Accelerated Large-Capacity Solar-Thermal Energy Storage within High Temperature Phase-Change Materials. Energy and Environmental Science, 12 (5), 1613-1621, 2019.
10.    Zhou, L., He, J., Li, W., He, P., Ye, Q., Fu, B., Tao, P., Song, C., Wu, J., Deng, T., Shang, W. Butterfly Wing Hears Sound: Acoustic Detection Using Biophotonic Nanostructure. Nano Letters, 19 (4), 2627-2633, 2019.
11.    Luan, T., Meng, F., Tao, P., Shang, W., Wu, J., Song, C., Deng, T. Bubble-Enabled Underwater Motion of a Light-Driven Motor. Small, 15 (12), 1804959, 2019.
12.    Xu, H., Thissandier, A., Zhao, R., Tao, P., Song, C., Wu, J., Shang, W., Deng, T. Self-Propelled Rotation of Paper-Based Leidenfrost Rotor. Applied Physics Letters, 114 (11), 113703, 2019.
13.    He, J., Song, C., Shan, H., Jiang, Y., Zhou, L., Tao, P., Wu, J., Shang, W., Deng, T. Bioinspired Color Change through Guided Reflection. Advanced Optical Materials, 6 (24), 1800464, 2018.
14.    Tao, P., Ni, G., Song, C., Shang, W., Wu, J., Zhu, J., Chen, G., Deng, T. Solar-Driven Interfacial Evaporation. Nature Energy, 3 (12), 1031-1041, 2018.
15.    Shan, H., Gao, W., Xiong, Y., Shi, F., Yan, Y., Ma, Y., Shang, W., Tao, P., Song, C., Deng, T., Zhang, H., Yang, D., Pan, X., Wu, J. Nanoscale Kinetics of Asymmetrical Corrosion in Core-Shell Nanoparticles. Nature Communications, 9 (1), 1011, 2018.
16.    Wu, Y., Li, F., Chen, W., Xiang, Q., Ma, Y., Zhu, H., Tao, P., Song, C., Shang, W., Deng, T., Wu, J. Coupling Interface Constructions of MoS2/Fe5Ni4S8 Heterostructures for Efficient Electrochemical Water Splitting. Advanced Materials, 30 (38), 1803151, 2018.
17.    Shen, Q., Luo, Z., Ma, S., Tao, P., Song, C., Wu, J., Shang, W., Deng, T. Bioinspired Infrared Sensing Materials and Systems. Advanced Materials, 30 (28), 1707632, 2018.
18.    Ma, Y., Gao, W., Shan, H., Chen, W., Shang, W., Tao, P., Song, C., Addiego, C., Deng, T., Pan, X., Wu, J. Platinum-Based Nanowires as Active Catalysts toward Oxygen Reduction Reaction: In Situ Observation of Surface-Diffusion-Assisted, Solid-State Oriented Attachment. Advanced Materials, 29 (46), 2017.
19.    Wang, Z., Tong, Z., Ye, Q., Hu, H., Nie, X., Yan, C., Shang, W., Song, C., Wu, J., Wang, J., Bao, H., Tao, P., Deng, T. Dynamic Tuning of Optical Absorbers for Accelerated Solar-Thermal Energy Storage. Nature Communications, 8 (1), 1478, 2017.
20.    Meng, F., Hao, W., Yu, S., Feng, R., Liu, Y., Yu, F., Tao, P., Shang, W., Wu, J., Song, C., Deng, T. Vapor-Enabled Propulsion for Plasmonic Photothermal Motor at the Liquid/Air Interface. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139 (36), 12362-12365, 2017.

Research Projects

Bioinspired Micro/Nanostructure Fabrication
Bioinspired Thermal/IR Detection
Thermal Energy Conversion
Thermal Energy Transfer
Thermal Energy Storage

Honors & Awards

2016 Shanghai YuCai Teaching Award (Shanghai, China)
2015 KaiYuan Teaching Award (SJTU, China)
2012 Zhi Yuan Chair Professor (SJTU, China)
2011 Frontiers of Engineering (National Academy of Engineering, US)
2010 Gold Patent Award (GE Global Research Center, US)
2010 Best Paper Award (IEEE-ASME International Thermal Conference, US)
2009 Blodgett Materials Science Award (Chemical Technologies and Materials, GE Global Research Center, US)
2008 Best Paper Award (International Mechanical Engineering Congress Conference, US)

800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: +86-21-3420-3098