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Name: Xianhong HAN

Title: Professor

Office: Room 239, No. 3 Teaching Building, Xuhui Campus

Tel: +86-21-6281-3430 ext 8256

Fax: +86-21-6282-6575

Email: hanxh@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Forming Technology and Equipment


Mr. HAN Xianhong received his BS degree in Engineering Mechanics and Ph.D degree in Solid Mechanics, both from Dalian University of Technology. He joined the Institute of Forming Technology and Equipment (IFTE)...

Biographical Information

Prof. Han got his bachelor's degree and doctoral degree in Dalian University of Technology in 2000 and 2007, respectively. He performed as a visiting scholar in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 2010 and Northwestern University in 2015. At present, he works as a full professor and the deputy director of the Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment.

Research Interests

- Advanced material forming technology, focus on the high strength steel hot stamping process

- Structure mechanical performance analysis and optimization based on FEM simulation

Selected Publications

[1] Han, X.H., Wang, C.L., Chen, S.S., and Chen, J., Fractional cooling strategy of the hot-stamping process and its influence on formability and mechanical properties of ultra-high-strength steel parts. Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters), 2018, Online.

[2] Chen, X.D., Li, Y.Y., Han, X.H., and Zhang, J.B., Size Effect Studies on Tensile Tests for Hot Stamping Steel. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 2018. 27(2): p. 640-647.

[3] Han, X.H., Wang, C.L., Li, Y. Y., and Liu G., Effects of quenching and partitioning process on mechanical properties of TRIP780 steel. Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 2018, Online.

[4] Tan, S.L., Yang, K., Ding, Y.N., and Han, X.H., Fracture morphologies of a hot stamped steel and comparisons with several sheet metals. Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 2017. 24(6): p. 634-640.

[5] Hu, Q., Li, X.F., Han, X.H., Li, H., and Chen, J., A normalized stress invariant-based yield criterion: Modeling and validation. International Journal of Plasticity, 2017. 99: p. 248-273.

[6] Hu, Q., Li, X.F., Han, X.H., and Chen, J., A new shear and tension based ductile fracture criterion: Modeling and validation. European Journal of Mechanics a-Solids, 2017. 66: p. 370-386.

[7] Han, X.H., Zhong, Y.Y., Xin, P.S., Cui, Z.S., and Chen, J., Research on one-step quenching and partitioning treatment and its application in hot stamping process. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B-Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 2017. 231(11): p. 1972-1982.

[8] Han, X.H., Zhong, Y.Y., Tan, S.L., Ding, Y.N., and Chen, J., Microstructure and performance evaluations on Q&P hot stamping parts of several UHSS sheet metals. Science China-Technological Sciences, 2017. 60(11): p. 1692-1701.

[9] Han, X.H., Yang, K., Ding, Y.N., Tan, S.L., and Chen, J., Numerical and experimental investigations on mechanical trimming process for hot stamped ultra-high strength parts. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2016. 234: p. 158-168.

[10] Han, X.H., Yang, K., Chen, S.S., and Chen, J., Fracture Profile and Crack Propagation of Ultra-High Strength Hot-Stamped Boron Steel During Mechanical Trimming Process. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 2015. 24(10): p. 3845-3851.

Research Projects

1.  NSFC Project: Mechanism study of hydrogen induced delayed fracture and its prediction model for ultra-high strength hot stamping steel. 2018-2021

2. Shanghai Pujiang Program: Study on hot stamping technology for ultra-high strength steel with high ductility. 2017-2019

3.  NSFC Project: Study of heat transfer behavior for hot stamping of high strength steel and optimization of tools with cooling system. 2012-2014 

Honors & Awards

Outstanding faculty of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2008 and 2011.

800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: +86-21-3420-3098