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Name: Xingwu GUO

Title: Associate Professor

Office: Room 309, Material Building D

Tel: +86-21-5474-5091


Email: xingwuguo@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Light Alloy Net Forming National Engineering Research Center


Biographical Information

 1982-1986  B.S.,Department of Materials Science, Kun Ming University of Science and Technology;
 1989-1992  M.S.,School of Materials Science and Engineering; Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
 1992-1996  Ph.D.,Metallurgical Physics and Chemistry Central Iron & Steel Research Institute,China;
 1996-1998  Postdoctor, Department of Engineering Mechenics, Tsinghua University;
 1998-2000  Visiting Scholar, Technischen Universitaet Berlin;
 2000-now   Associate professor, School of material science and engineering,Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Research Interests

Teaching two courses of undergraduate students:
 1) Chemistry of Materials; 2) Mordern Surface Technology

Selected Publications

 [1]  Jiacheng Guo, Xingwu Guo*, Shaohua Wang, Zhicheng Zhang, Jie Dong, Liming Peng, Wenjiang Ding. Effects of glycine and current density on the mechanism of electrodeposition, composition and properties of Ni-Mn films prepared in ionic liquid, Applied Surface Science , Volume 365, 1 March 2016,  Pages 31–37.
 [2]  Xingwu Guo*, Jiacheng Guo, Jie Dong, Shaohua Wang, Jia Gong, Rongyu Zhu, Wenjiang Ding. An Electrodeposition Method for Preparing (Cu-Ni) /(Ni-Cu) Multilayers on Magnesium Alloy from Ionic Liquid. Advanced Materials,TechConnect Briefs June 14-17, 2015,Wahington DC. Proceedings of the 2015TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo.page456-459. ISBN 978-1-4987-4727-1.
 [3]  Yan Mao, Zhuguo Li, Kai Feng, Xingwu Guo, Zhifeng Zhou, Jie Dong, Yixiong Wu; Preparation, characterization and wear behavior of carbon coated magnesium alloy with electroless plating nickel interlayer. Applied Surface Science 327 (2015) 100–106.
 [4]  Yan Mao, Zhuguo Li, Kai Feng, Xingwu Guo, Zhifeng Zhou, Yixiong Wu. Corrosion behavior of carbon film coated magnesium alloy withelectroless plating nickel interlayer. Journal of Materials Processing Technology; Volume 219, May 2015, Pages 42–47.
 [5]  Guo, X.; Wang, S.; Gong, J.; Guo, J.; Peng, L.; Ding, W., Characterization of highly corrosion-resistant nanocrystalline Ni coating electrodeposited on Mg-Nd-Zn-Zr alloy from a eutectic-based ionic liquid. Applied Surface Science 2014, 313, 711-719.
 [6]  Wang, S.; Guo, X.; Yang, H.; Dai, J.; Zhu, R.; Gong, J.; Peng, L.; Ding, W., Electrodeposition mechanism and characterization of Ni-Cu alloy coatings from a eutectic-based ionic liquid. Applied Surface Science 2014, 288, 530-536.
 [7]  Sun, C.; Guo, X. W.; Wang, S. H.; Guo, J. C.; Ding, W. J., Homogenization pretreatment and electroless Ni-P plating on AZ91D magnesium alloy. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China (English Edition) 2014, 24 (12), 3825-3833.
 [8]  Shao-hua WANG, Xing-wu GUO, Can SUN, Jia GONG, Li-ming PENG, Wen-jiang DING; Electrodeposition of Cu coating with high corrosion resistance on Mg−3.0Nd−0.2Zn−0.4Zr magnesium alloy. Trans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China 24(2014) 3810−3817.
 [9]  Wang, X. S.; Guo, X. W.; Li, X. D.; Ge, D. Y., Improvement on the fatigue performance of 2024-T4 alloy by synergistic coating technology. Materials 2014, 7 (5), 3533-3546.
 [10] Shan, X. P.; Guo, X. W.; Wang, Q. D.; Ding, W. J., Preparation and tribological and electrochemical properties of MoS2/resin hybrid coating on magnesium alloy. Shanghai Jiaotong Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University 2013, 47 (5), 822-826+833.
 [11] Wang, X. S.; Guo, X. W.; Li, X. D.; Kawagoishi, N. In Effect of different micro-arc oxidation coating layer types on fatigue life of 2024-T4 alloy, 13th International Conference on Fracture 2013, ICF 2013, 2013; pp 2022-2026.


Research Projects

Honors & Awards

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