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Name: Yao SHEN

Title: Professor

Office: Room 509B, Material Building A

Tel: +86-21-3420-3763


Email: yaoshen@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of phase change and structure



Biographical Information

09/2001 – 8/2004,      Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering,           The Ohio State University

03/1997 – 6/1999,      M.S., Materials Science and Engineering,             The Ohio State University

09/1989 – 07/1994,    B.S., Mechanical Engineering,                             Tsinghua University

Professional Experience

01/2012-date   Professor

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University

09/2006-12/2011   Associate Professor

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University

12/2004-08/2006   Assistant Professor

School of Materials Science and Engineering ,Shanghai JiaoTong University

Research Interests

Meso-micro mechanics of plasticity and damage: Experiments and multi-scale simulations;

Materials behavior under extreme conditions: Shock loading and irradiations

Selected Publications

1. Guisen Liu*, Hanxuan Mo, Jian Wang, Yao Shen*, Coupled crystal plasticity finite element-phase field model with kinetics-controlled twinning mechanism for hexagonal metals, Acta Materialia, 202 (2021) 399-416.

2. Ao Tang, Haiting Liu, Ran Chen, Guisen Liu*, Qingquan Lai, Yong Zhong, Li Wang, Jeff Wang, Qi Lu, Yao Shen*, Mesoscopic origin of damage nucleation in dual-phase steels, International Journal of Plasticity, 137(2021) 102920.

3. Yushun Liu, Jiawei Yan, Dongyue Xie, Yao Shen, Jian Wang, Guo-zhen Zhu, Self-patterning screw <c> dislocations in pure Mg, Scripta Materialia, 191 (2021) 86-89.

4. Ao Tang, Haiting Liu, Guisen Liu*, Yong Zhong, Li Wang, Qi Lu, Jeff Wang, Yao Shen*, Lognormal Distribution of Local Strain: A Universal Law of Plastic Deformation in Material, Physical Review Letters, 124(2020) 15501.

5. Ping Yu, Yanguang Cui, Guo-zhen Zhu, Yao Shen*, Mao Wen*, The key role played by dislocation core radius and energy in hydrogen interaction with dislocations, Acta Materialia, 185 (2020) 518-527.

6.  Haiting Liu, Jiawei Ma, Ao Tang, Jingzhao Tang, Chonghong Zhang, Lei Zhang, Yao Shen*, True stress-strain curve extraction from ion-irradiated materials via small tensile, small punch and nanoindentation tests: Method development and accuracy/consistency verification, Nuclear Fusion, 60 (2020) 056012.

7.  Jiawei Yan, Qingquan Lai, Jeff Wang, Yao Shen*, Saturation controlled softening/hardening in pure aluminum processed by surface rotation rolling, Scripta Materialia, 182(2020) 104-108.

8.  Jiawei Ma, Haiting Liu, Qi Lu*, Yong Zhong, Li Wang, Yao Shen*, Temperature-dependent macroscopic mechanical behaviors and their microscopic explanations in a medium Mn steel, Metallurgical and Materials transactions A, 51(2020)5180-5186.

9.  Pengfei Zheng, Ran Chen, Haiting Liu, Jiming Chen, Zhijie Zhang, Xing Liu, Yao Shen*, On the standards and practices for miniaturized tensile test – A review, Fusion Engineering and Design, 161 (2020) 112006.

10.   Haiting Liu, Ran Chen, Mao Wen, Lei Zhang, Yao Shen*, Optimizing parallel section length for small tensile specimen with fabrication non-uniformity in thickness, Fusion Engineering and Design, 147 (2019) 111244.

11.   Jiawei Ma, Haiting Liu, Qi Lu*, Yong Zhong, Li Wang, Yao Shen*, Transformation kinetics of retained austenite in the tensile Lüders strain range in medium Mn steel, Scripta Materialia, 169 (2019) 1-5

12.   Jiawei Yan, Wei Li, Haiting Liu, Yao Shen*, Reversion of sub-boundaries into dense dislocations in aluminum by electric pulsing treatment, Scripta Materialia 167 (2019) 86-90.

13.   Lin Weng, Tongxiang Fan*, Mao Wen, Yao Shen*, Three-dimensional multi-particle FE model and effects of interface damage, particle size and morphology on tensile behavior of particle reinforced composites, Composite Structures 209 (2019) 590–605.

14.   Gaoming Zhu, Leyun Wang⁠∗, Hao Zhou, Jinhui Wang, Yao Shen, Peng Tu, Hong Zhu, Wei Liu, Peipeng Jin, Xiaoqin Zeng∗.Improving ductility of a Mg alloy via non-basal <a> slip induced by Ca addition. International Journal of Plasticity, 120(2019) 164-179.

15.   Jiawei Yan, Jiawei Ma, Jian Wang, and Yao Shen*, Strength and Ductility with Dual Grain-Size and Texture Gradients in AZ31 Mg Alloy, Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, 49 (2018) 5333-5338.

16.   Jiawei Ma, Qi Lu*, Li Sun, Yao Shen*, Two-Step Intercritical Annealing to Eliminate Lüders Band in a Strong and Ductile Medium Mn Steel, Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, 49(2018) 4404-4408.

17.   Guisen Liu, Jian Wang, Yao Shen*, Density functional theory study of {101n} twin boundaries of Zn under high pressure, Computational Materials Science 151 (2018) 106–116.

18.   Jie Wang, Leyun Wang*, Gaoming Zhu, Bijin Zhou, Tao Ying, Xingmin Zhang, Qi Huang, Yao Shen, Xiaoqin Zeng*, Haiyan Jiang. Understanding the High Strength and Good Ductility in LPSO-Containing Mg Alloy Using Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction. Metallugical and Materials Transactions A, 49 (2018) 5382-5392.

19.   Haiting Liu, Yao Shen*, Shuang Yang, Pengfei Zheng, Lei Zhang. A comprehensive solution to miniaturized tensile testing: Specimen geometry optimization and extraction of constitutive behaviors using inverse FEM procedure, Fusion Engineering and Design 121 (2017) 188–197.

20.   Mingyu Gong, John P. Hirth, Yue Liu, Yao Shen* & Jian Wang*, Interface structures and twinning mechanisms of twins in hexagonal metals, Materials Research Letters, 5 (2017) 449-464.

21.   Yurui Wu, Yao Shen*, Kaiguo Chen, Yuying Yu, Guo He, Peidong Wu. Multi-scale crystal plasticity finite element method (CPFEM) simulations for shear band development in aluminum alloys, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 711 (2017) 495-505.

22.   Dongyue Xie, Jiawei Yan, Yangxin Li*, Dong Qiu, Guilin Wu, Xiaodong Wang, Bin Chen, Yao Shen*, Guozhen Zhu. Ordered stacking faults within nanosized silicon precipitates in aluminum alloy, Materials Letters, 190 (2017) 225-228.

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