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Name: Yuesheng NING

Title: Research Engineer

Office: Room 431,Materials Building D

Tel: +86-21-34202843

Fax: +86-21-34202843

Email: ysning@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Composite Materials


1.a research engineer the State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2.mainly focused on wet-chemical synthesis of noble metal nanocrystals by functional groups on activated carbons

Biographical Information

PHD      National University of Singapore, 2008
2011    :he joined the State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites, Shanghai                             Jiao Tong University as a research engineer. 
 2008:   working as a visiting scholar in Department of Physics, Hong Kong   
          University of Science and Technology (2008),
 2008—2011: as a senior chemist in Dow Chemical (China) Com.

Research Interests

Surface science, Carbon materials, Colloids and Nanomaterials

Selected Publications

1. Wang, Fei; Zhao, Hong; Lai, Yijian; Liu, Siyu; Zhao, Binyuan*; Ning, Yuesheng*; Hu Xiaobin. “Morphosynthesis of cubic silver cages on monolithic activated carbon”. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013, 15, 18367-18370. (IF 3.829)
2. Zhao, Hong†; Wang, Fei; Ning, Yuesheng†(†Equal contribution); Zhao Binyuan*; Yin Fujun; Lai Yijian; Hu, Xiaobin; Fan, Tongxiang; Tang, Jianguo; Zhang, Di. “Green “planting” nanostructured single crystal silver”. Scientific Reports, 2013, 3, 1511. (IF 5.078)
3. Ning, Yuesheng ; Jiang, Jun; Shi, Ziliang; Fu, Qiang; Liu, Jianzhao; Luo, Yi; Tang, Ben Zhong; Lin, Nian*. “Single Molecule's Conductance Depending On Its Orientation”. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113, 26-30. (IF 4.224)
4. Ning, Yue Sheng; Shao, Yan Xia; Xu, Guo Qin*. “p-Benzoquinone on Si(111)-7×7: [6+2]-like Cycloaddition”. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010, 114, 10455-10462. (IF 4.524)
5. Ning, Yuesheng; Zhang, Xiaobin*; Wang, Youwen; Sun, Yanlin; Shen, Lihua; Yang, Xiaofang; Van Tendeloo, G. “Bulk production of multi-wall carbon nanotube bundles on sol-gel prepared catalyst”, Chemical Physics Letters, 2002, 366, 555-560. (IF 2.526)
6. Cai, Ying Hui; Shao, Yan Xia; Ning, Yue Sheng; Tang, Hai Hua; Wang, Shuai; Xu, Guo Qin*. “Enabling enelike reactions on Si(111)-7×7 through tuning organic molecular structures”, Journal of Chemical Physics, 2010, 132, 214710/1-214710/13. (IF 2.921)
7. Huang, Hai Gou; Xiang, Chao Li; Ning, Yue Sheng; Huang, Jing Yan; Ang, Siau Gek; Xu, Guo Qin*. “Dry Synthesis of Triple Cumulative Double Bonds (C=C=C=N) on Si(111)-7×7 Surfaces”, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2005, 109, 19296-19300. (IF 4.033)
8. Shen, Lihua; Zhang Xiaobin*; Ning, Yuesheng; Kong, Fanzhi; Yang, Xiaofang; Wang, Youwen; Chen, Weixiang. “CVD synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes by Co/MgO solid catalysts”, Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science) (2003), 37(6), 729-733. (IF 0.328, in Chinese)
9. Ning, Yue Sheng; Huang, Yan; Liu, Anio. “Adsorption and selectivity of copper ions on amine-rich epoxy coatings”, Dow CRI Accession #2009006019. (2009) 

Research Projects

1. Preparation of nanostructured noble metals by functional groups on activated carbons. (project leader, Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 
2. Adsorption of organic molecules on silicon surfaces under ultra-high vacuum (UHV). (Ph.D project in National University of Singapore) 
3. Synthesis of multi- and single-wall carbon nanotubes by catalytic chemical vapor deposition. (M. Eng project in Zhejiang University) 

Honors & Awards

Safety awards, 2010, Dow Chemical Company

800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: +86-21-3420-3098