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Name: Xincun ZHUANG

Title: Professor

Office: Room 203, No. 3 Teaching Building, 1954 Huashan Road

Tel: +86-21-62813430 ext. 8336

Fax: +86-21-62826575

Email: georgezxc@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Forming Technology and Equipment


Biographical Information

Prof. Zhuang got his bachelor's degree and doctoral degree in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in 2002 and 2008, respectively. In 2012, he started the postdoctoral research in IUL, TU Dortmund, and worked on the research topic of damage modelling. At present, he works as the deputy director of the Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment. From 2016, he has been the member of advisory board of the International Cold Forging Group (ICFG). Till now, he has published more than 40 papers as well as two translation books. In addition, he has contributed to formulating and revising more than 10 standards in national and mechanical industries.

Research Interests

 - Compound fineblanking-forming process design and optimization
 - Damage modeling and evolution analysis

Selected Publications

[1] X.L. Sun, X.C. Zhuang, Z. Zhao. Investigation of anisotropy effects on sheet-bulk forming of duplex gear parts, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 2018, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijmecsci.2018.02.050. (Online publication)
[2] X.C. Zhuang, Y.H. Meng, Z. Zhao. Evaluation of prediction error resulting from using average state variables in the calibration of ductile fracture criterion, International Journal of Damage Mechanics, 2017, DOI: 10.1177/1056789517728563. (Online publication)
[3] X.C. Zhuang, S.M. Ma, Z. Zhao. Effect of particle size, fraction and carbide banding on deformation and damage behavior of ferrite–cementite steel under tensile/shear loads, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 2017, 25: 015007.
[4] X.C. Zhuang, S.M. Ma, Z. Zhao. A microstructure-based macro-micro multi-scale fine-blanking simulation of ferrite-cementite steels, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 2017, 128-129: 414-427.
[5] X.C. Zhuang, Y.H. Meng, Z. Zhao. Parameter calibration of ductile fracture criterion considering computational efficiency and accuracy, Procedia Engineering, 2017, 207: 2042-2047.
[6] Z.M. Yue, H. Badreddine, K. Saanouni, X.C. Zhuang, J. Gao. Numerical simulation of sheet metal blanking based on fully coupled elstoplasticity-damage constitutive equations accounting for yield surface distortion-induced anisotropy, International Journal of Damage Mechanics, 2017, 26(7): 1061-1079.
[7] X.C. Zhuang, T.T. Wang, Z. Zhao. Calibration and application of ductile fracture criterion under non-proportional loading condition, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2016, 165: 39-56.
[8] X.C. Zhuang, X.L. Sun, H. Xiang, et al. Compound deep drawing and extrusion process for the manufacture of geared drum, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2016, 84(9): 2331-2345.
[9] S.M. Ma, X.C. Zhuang*, Z. Zhao. Effect of particle size and carbide band on the flow behavior of Ferrite-Cementite steel, Steel Research International, 2016, 87(11):1489-1502.
[10] X.C. Zhuang, J.P. Wang, H. Zheng, et al. Forming mechanism of ultrasonic vibration assisted compression. Transaction of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, 2015, 25(7): 2352-2360.
[11] X.C. Zhuang, H. Xiang, T. Wang, et al. Determination of flow curve and plastic anisotropy of medium-thick metal plate: experiments and inverse analysis. Journal of Iron & Steel Research, International, 2015, 22(6):506-512.
[12] X.C. Zhuang, C. Xu, Z. Zhao, Experimental and numerical investigation of failure mode in geometrically imperfect DP590 steel, SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences, 2015, 58(3): 476-484.


Research Projects

Honors & Awards

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