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Name: Chengyi SONG

Title: Associate Professor

Office: Room 311, Building H, School of Materials Science and Engineering

Tel: +86-21-5474-5582


Email: chengyi2013@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Composite Materials


My research mainly focuses on two areas: 1) thermally conducting materials and thermal interface materials. Conventional polymer-based thermally conductive material has to face with two bottleneck problems, which impedes its development in the thermal management systems such as electronic devices. a) polymer-based composite materials with highly concentrated thermally conductive fillers can overcome the low thermal conductivity of polymer matrix at the cost of flexibility; b) low interfacial thermal conductance between polymer-based material and metallic sink or semiconductor chip because of mismatch of phonons. To enhance the performance of thermal conductivity and interfacial thermal conductance of polymer-based materials, I work on studying the thermally conducting behavior of electrically conducting polymers through fabrication, structural characterization and electrical and thermal properties measurement. 2) nanoparticles assembly and their properties including chirooptics and electrocatalysis. A new class of highly tunable peptide conjugate molecules that are used to i) direct nanoparticle assembly; ii) control the morphology of the assembly; and iii) control the structural metrics and intrinsic physical properties of the assembly. 

Biographical Information

2016-pres    Associate Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, P.R.China  

2013-2016    Research Assistant Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, P.R.China                      

2008-2013   Ph.D. Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2004-2008    B.S. Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, Shanghai, P.R.China

Research Interests

Thermal interface materials, energy conversion materials, Bioinspired functional materials, nanoparticles assembly, conducting polymers

Selected Publications

1.  Luan, Tian; Meng, Fanchen; Tao, Peng; Shang, Wen; Wu, Jianbo; Song, Chengyi* and Deng, Tao*, “Bubble-Enabled Underwater Motion of a Light-Driven Motor”, Small, 2019, 1804959.

2.  Rui Feng; Yiming Qiao; Song, Chengyi*, “A Perspective on Bio-inspired Interfacial Systems for Solar Clean-Water Generation”, MRS Communications, 2019, doi:10.1557/mrc.1019.17.

3.  Liu, Yanming; Wang, Xinyu; Qiao, Yiming; Min, Mengdie; Wang, Liren; Shan, Hao; Ma, Yanling; Hao, Wei; Tao, Peng; Shang, Wen; Wu, Jianbo; Song, Chengyi* and Deng, Tao*, “Pyroelectric Synthesis of Metal-BaTiO3 Hybrid Nanoparticles with Enhanced Pyrocatalytic Performance”, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2019, 7, 2602-2609.

4.  Tao, Peng#; Ni, George#; Song, Chengyi#; Shang, Wen; Wu, Jianbo; Zhu, Jia*; Chen, Gang* and Deng Tao*, “Solar-driven interfacial evaporation”, Nature energy, 2018, 3, 1031-1041.   

5.  He Jiaqing#; Song, Chengyi#; Shan, Hao; Jiang, Yiyue; Zhou, Lingye;  Tao, Peng; Wu, Jianbo; Shang, Wen* and Deng, Tao*, “Bioinspired Color Change through Guided Reflection”, Advanced Optical Materials, 2018, 1800464.  

6.  Min, Mengdie; Liu, Yanming; Song, Chengyi*; Zhao, Dengwu; Wang, Xinyu; Qiao, Yiming; Feng, Rui; Hao, Wei; Tao, Peng; Shang, Wen; Wu, Jianbo and Deng, Tao*, “Photothermally Enabled Pyro-Catalysis of a BaTiO3 NanoparticleComposite Membrane at the Liquid/Air Interface”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018, 10, pp21246-21253.

7.  Zhang, Yao; Zhao, Dengwu; Yu, Fan; Yang, Chao; Lou, Jinwei; Liu, Yanming; Chen, Yingying; Wang, Zhongyong; Tao, Peng; Shang, Wen; Wu, Jianbo; Song, Chengyi* and Deng, Tao*, “Floating rGO-based Black Membranes for Solar Driven Sterilization”, Nanoscale, 2017, 9, 19384– 19389.

8.  Meng, Fanchen; Hao, Wei; Yu, Shengtao; Feng, Rui; Liu, Yanming; Yu, Fan; Tao, Peng; Shang, Wen; Wu, Jianbo; Song, Chengyi* and Deng, Tao*. “Vapor-Enabled Propulsion for Plasmonic Photothermal Motor at the Liquid/Air Interface”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017, 139 (36), pp 12362–12365.

9.  Zhao, Dengwu; Duan, Haoze; Yu, Shengtao; Zhang, Yao; He, Jiaqing; Quan, Xiaojun; Tao, Peng; Shang, Wen; Wu, Jianbo; Song, Chengyi* and Deng, Tao* “Enhancing Localized Evaporation through Separated Light Absorbing Centers and Scattering Centers”, Scientific Reports, 2015, 5:17276.

10.  Yu, Shengtao; Zhang, Yao; Duan, Haoze; Liu, Yanming; Quan, Xiaojun; Tao, Peng; Shang, Wen; Wu, Jianbo; Song, Chengyi* and Deng, Tao* “The impact of surface chemistry on the performance of localized solar-driven evaporation system”, Scientific Reports, 2015, 5:13600.

11.  Liu, Yanming; Yu, Shengtao; Feng, Rui; Bernard, Antoine; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Yao; Duan, Haoze; Shang, Wen; Tao, Peng; Song, Chengyi* and Deng, Tao*, “Bioinspired, Reusable, Paper-based System for High Performance Large-scale Evaporation”, Advanced Materials, 2015, 27, 2768–2774. 

12.  Liu, Yanming; Liu, Yang; Tao, Peng; Shang, Wen; Song, Chengyi* and Deng, Tao*, “Vertical Segregation in the Self-assembly of Nanoparticles at Liquid/Air Interface”, Nanoscale, 2014, 6 (24), 14662 – 14666.

13.  Song, Chengyi; Blaber, Martin G.; Zhao, Gongpu; Zhang, Peijun; Fry, H. Christopher ; Schatz, George C. and Rosi, Nathaniel L. *, “Tailorable Plasmonic Circular Dichroism Properties of Helical Nanoparticle Superstructures”,  Nano Letters, 2013, 13(7), pp3256–3261.

14.  Song, Chengyi; Wang,Yang and Rosi, Nathaniel L.*, “Peptide-Directed Synthesis and Assembly of Hollow Spherical CoPt Nanoparticle Superstructures”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2013, 52(14), pp3993–3995.  ( Selected as Hot Paper).

15.  Song, Chengyi; Zhao, Gongpu; Zhang, Peijun and Rosi, Nathaniel L. *, “Expeditious Synthesis and Assembly of Sub-100 nm Hollow Spherical Gold Nanoparticle Superstructures”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132(40), pp14033-14035.  

Research Projects

1.  National Natural Science Foundation of China (21401129): “Synthesis, characterization and mechanistic studies of interfacial self-assembly of multilayered nanoparticle film”, Period: 01/01/2015-12/31/2017

2.  Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai (14ZR1423300): Fabrication of multilayered gold nanoparticle thin film for plasmonic heating application, Period: 07/01/2014-06/30/2017

3.  Start-up fund of University of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (AF0500045): “Investigation and development of chiral metamaterials with strong negative refractive index”, Period: 01/01/2014-12/31/2015

Honors & Awards

1.  2015  First Prize, The 14th Challenge Cup National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Science and Technology Contest (co-mentor undergraduate students)

2.  2015  First Prize, The 8th National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction (co-mentor graduate students)

3.  2004  First Award, Chemistry Competition of Shanghai-Donghua Cup, Shanghai education bureau

4.  2003  First Award, National Chemistry Olympiad Competition for High School Students, Chemical Society of the People's Republic of China

800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: +86-21-3420-3098