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Name: Hongjing DOU

Title: Professor

Office: Room 435,Material Building D

Tel: +86-21-34202956

Fax: +86-21-34202745

Email: hjdou@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Composite Materials


Professor at Institute of Composite Materials in  Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
research field at SJTU is bionanomaterials and their theranostic applications.

Biographical Information

Dr. Hongjing Dou grew up in Henan, a province in the central part of China, where she obtained her BSc in Chemistry and M.E. in Polymer materials. She then moved to Shanghai in 2000 to pursue PhD under the supervision of Prof. Ming Jiang at Fudan University. Her work there focused on the synthesis of polysaccharides-based biomacromolecules and their co-assembly with synthetic polymers. After obtaining her PhD in 2003, Hongjing joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) as a lecturer, and was then appointed as an associate professor in 2008 and a professor in 2015. Between 2009 and 2010, Hongjing spent 14 months in Prof. Guojun Liu’s group at Queen’s University in Canada, where she worked on the self-assembly behavior of linear triblockterpolymers. In February of 2015, Hongjing was awarded the Marie-Curie International Incoming Research Fellowship to support her research as a visiting scholar in University of Bristol with the supervision of Profs. Ian Manners and Stephen Mann.


Research Interests

Dr. Dou’s main research field at SJTU is bionanomaterials and their theranostic applications.She has completed several projects in this area, as a project leader, she is responsible for a research group of 6 graduate students that is developing novel co-assembly systems of biomacromolecules and synthetic polymers, as well as exploring their biomedical application in drug delivery and medical imaging.


Selected Publications

  (1)      Tingting Dai, Shuyan Zhou, Chuyang Yin, Shengli Li, Weigang Cao, Wei Liu, Kang Sun, Hongjing Dou*, Yilin Cao*, Guangdong Zhou*, Dextran-based fluorescent nanoprobes for sentinel lymph node mapping, Biomaterials, 2014, 35(28), 8227-8235.
 (2)      Sheng Song, HezeGuo, Zequan Jiang, Yuqing Jin, Zhaofeng Zhang, Kang Sun*, and Hongjing Dou*, Self-Assembled Fe3O4/Polymer Hybrid Microbubble with MRI/Ultrasound Dual-Imaging EnhancementSelf-Assembled Fe3O4/Polymer Hybrid Microbubble with MRI/Ultrasound Dual-Imaging Enhancement, Langmuir, 2014, 30 (35), 10557–10561.
 (3)      Gang Wang, YuankuiLeng, HezeGuo, Sheng Song, Zequan Jiang, Xiangliang Yuan, Xiebing Wang, Kang Sun, Kun Sun, Hongjing Dou,* Efficiently preparation of magnetic quantum dot barcodes, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2014, 2, 8310-8313.
 (4)      Gang Wang, YuankuiLeng, Hongjing Dou*, Lu Wang, Wanwan Li, Xiebing Wang, Kang Sun*, LisongShen, Xiangliang Yuan, Jiyu Li, Kun Sun, Junsong Han, Huasheng Xiao, and Yue Li, Highly Efficient Preparatin of Multiscaled Quantum Dot Barcodes for Multiplexed Hepatitis B Detection. ACS Nano, 2013, 7(1), 471-481.
 (5)      Shuyan Zhou, Xue Min, Hongjing Dou*, Kang Sun*, Chun-Yen Chen, Chao-Tsen Chen*, Zhaofeng Zhang, Yuqing Jin, Zunli Shen, Facile fabrication of dextran-based fluorescent nanogels as potential glucose sensors, Chem. Commun., 2013, 49, 9473-9475.
 (6)      Shuyan Zhou, Hongjing Dou,* Zhaofeng Zhang,* Kang Sun*, Yuqing Jin, Tingting Dai, Guangdong Zhou, and ZunliShen, Fluorescent Dextran-Based Nanogels: Efficient Imaging Nanoprobes for Adipose-Derived Stem Cells. Polymer Chemistry, 2013, 4 (15), 4103-4112, Backcover highlight.
 (7)      Gang Wang, Pengfei Zhang, Hongjing Dou*, Wanwan Li, Kang Sun*, Xiaotian He, Junsong Han, Huasheng Xiao, Yao Li, “Efficient Incorporation of Quantum Dots into Porous Microspheres through a Solvent-Evaporation Approach”, Langmuir, 2012, 28, 6141-6150.
 (8)      Bin Xu, Hongjing Dou*, Ke Tao, Kang Sun*, Jing Ding, Weibin Shi, XiashengGuo, Jiyu Li, Dong Zhang, Kun Sun, “ “Two-in-One” Fabrication of Fe3O4/MePEG-PLA Composite Nanocapsules as a Potential Ultrasonic/MRI Dual Contrast Agent ”, Langmuir, 2011, 27, 12134-12142.
 (9)      Hongjing Dou, Guojun Liu*, John Dupont, Liangzhi Hong, “TriblockTerpolymer Helices Self-assembled under Special Solvation Conditions”, Soft Matter, 2010, 6, 4214-4222.
 (10)    Hongjing Dou, Liangzhi Hong, Guojun Liu*, “Miktoarm Star Copolymers from the Chemical Stitching of Associating Block Copolymers”, Macromolecules, 2010, 43(10), 4629-4637.
 (11)    Hongjing Dou, Weihai Yang, Ke Tao, Wanwan Li, Kang Sun*, “Temperature-Sensitive Microgels with Stable and Reversible Photoluminescence Based on Covalently Bonded Quantum Dots”, Langmuir, 2010, 26(7), 5022-5027..

Research Projects

In recent 5 years, Dr. Dou is the PI or co-PI of the following seven projects at SJTU:
 (1)Projects 1 and 2 focus on the fabrication of novel polysaccharide-based nanogels through the assembly approach and their biomedical applications.These two projects are funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
 (2)Project 3 focuses on the fabrication of MR/ultrasonic dual imaging microcapsules through the co-assembly of macromolecules and magnetic nanoparticles.This project is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
 (3)Project 4 focuses on the preparation of environment-sensitive nanoparticles based on polysaccharides. This project is funded by the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee.
 (4)Project 5 focuses on the fabrication of QD-encoded microbeads and their applications in immunoassays.This project is funded by the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee.
 (5)Project 6 involves the design and fabrication of magnetic nanocomposites.This project is funded by REHAU Polymer (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
 (6)Project 7 involves the synthesis of a thermoset optical resin with high refraction index.This project is funded by China Acryl Chemical Co., Ltd.

Honors & Awards

- Excellent Teaching Award of Shanghai Jiao Tong Unviersity, 2014.
- Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education of China, 2013.
- SMC-Chen Xing Young Scholars Awards of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), 2011 and 2008.
- Award of Science and Technology Progress of Nanhui District, Shanghai, 2006.

800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: +86-21-3420-3098