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Name: Jianfeng GU

Title: Professor

Office: Room507A, Material Building A

Tel: +86-21-34203743


Email: gujf@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Materials Modification and Modelling


Biographical Information

Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. After receiving his Ph.D. in 1998 from SJTU, Dr. GU performed postdoctoral studies in France at the UTT from 2000 to 2001 and acted as a visiting scholar in USA at physics department of UNLV in 2005.
Current research investigations involve microstructure control and heat treatment process optimization of high-grade bearing and large forgings for nuclear power, through process modeling and simulation on the advanced forming manufacturing (casting, forging and heat treatment).
Prof. GU has published more than 80 papers on peer-review journals and holds more than 12 patents. He has led or participated more than 30 research projects and has received a number of awards.

Research Interests

Numerical simulation of materials heat treatment process and its engineering applications.

Multi-Scale simulation of materials microstructure and mechanical behavior.

Selected Publications

1. Effect of tempering on microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of X12CrMoWVNbN10-1-1 steel. Materials Science and Engineering A618 (2014) 189–204

2. Characterization of precipitates in X12CrMoWVNbN10-1-1 steel during heat treatment. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2014 (452):557-564

3. Carbonitride dissolution and austenite grain growth in a high Cr ferritic heat-resistant steel. ISIJ International, 2014, 54(7): 1705-1714.

4. DFT study of nitrogen-vacancy complexions in (FCC) Fe. Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 2014(22):1-13

5. Regulation of Cu Precipitation by Intercritical Tempering in a HSLA Steel. Journal of Materials Research, 2014, 29(8):950-958

6. On the Role of Ni in Cu Precipitation in Multicomponent Steels. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 2013, 44(10):4434-4439

7. Direct observation of Cu interphase precipitation in continuous cooling transformation by atom probe tomography. Philosophical Magazine, 2013, 44(10):4434-4439

8. First-principles simulations of iron with nitrogen: from surface adsorption to bulk diffusion. Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 2013(21):1-14

9. Lattice dynamical finite-element method.ActaMaterialia, 2010, 58(2): 510-523

10. Dislocation evolution in titanium during surface severe plastic deformation. Applied Surface Science. 2009(255): 6097-6102


Research Projects

 1. 973 Program: Homogenization-based coordinated regulation on solid transformation in large forgings (2011CB012904)
 2. NSFC Project: Study on Lattice Dynamics Finite Element Method (LDFEM) and its Application in the Multi-Scale Analysis of Ideal Metallic Crystal (51071102)
 3. NSFC Project: Numerical Simulation on Three Dimensional Non-Linear Transient Heat Conduction for Laser Surface Heating (59901008)
 4. National Major Science and Technology Project: Innovation Platform for Through Process Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Forming(2012ZX04012011)
 5. National Major Science and Technology Project: Softwares R&D and Engineering Applications for Macro/Micro Simulation of Casting and Forging (2009ZX04014-082)
 6. Industry Project: Evaluation and Prediction of Thermal and Metallurgical Properties in Steels
 7. Industry Project: Numerical simulation of vacuum heating and quenching process
 8. Industry Project: Computer simulation on quenching distortion of mould& die steel

Honors & Awards

Prof. GU has published more than 80 papers on peer-review journals and holds more than 12 patents. He has led or participated nearly 30 research projects and has received a number of awards, such as, the second prize of2000 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology,the first prize of 2007Technological Invention Award of Education Ministry, and Chih-hung Chou youth science and technology achievement award (CHTS 2013).Other honors and awards includeMost Welcomed Teacher Award (2010, 2012, 2013, School of Materials Science and Engineering, SJTU),Chen-Xing Scholar Award(2010, Shanghai Jiao Tong University), andOutstand winner of Excellent Teacher Award(2013, Shanghai Jiao Tong University).

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