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Name: Jianfeng WAN

Title: Associate Professor

Office: Room503A, Material Building A

Tel: +86-13916496412

Fax: +86-21-5474-5567

Email: jfwan@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of phase change and structure


Dr. Jianfeng Wan is an Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in Shanghai, China...


Biographical Information

Dr. Jianfeng Wan is an Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in Shanghai, China. He received B.S. from the Science and Technology University of Beijing in 1995, M.S. from Lanzhou Jiao Tong University (1998) and Ph.D. from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2001). Then he worked as a postdoctor in the department of physics at SJTU for two years. In 2003 he went to the school of materials science and engineering at SJTU. Dr.Wan, as a visiting scholar, studied and worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 2007 to 2008.


Research Interests

 Dr.Wan’s primary research interests include (a) Advanced intelligentmaterials and devices, such as antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, (b) Multi-scale computational science of materials by usingFirst-Principle, Molecular dynamics and Phase-Field to confirm the present experimental facts and to predict the new materials in future, (c) Nonlinear Physics during Phase Transition, trying to establish a bridge between the nature of transition and the micro-phenomenon and to extend the research field of solid state transformation.


Selected Publications

 [1] Cui YG, Wan JF, Zhang JH and Rong YH. Kinetics, mechanism and pathway of reorientation of multi-variants in Ni-Mn-Ga shape memory alloys under continuous compressive stress: Phase-field simulation. Journal of Applied Physics, 2012, 112(9), 094908.
 [2] Wan JF. Spontaneous Magnetization and Magnon-TA Phonon Interaction during the Premartensitic Transformation in Ni2MnGa Alloy.Chinese Physics Letter, 2012,29 (10): 106301.
 [3] Wan JF and Kong XY, Energy model and band-gap modulation of graphene band self-organized on the functional vicinal surfaces, Appl. Phys. Lett., 2011, 98, 013104 .
 [4]Jianfeng Wan, Xiaolin Lei, Shipu Chen and T.Y. Hsu(XuZuyao), Electronic Structure and Ferromagnetic Effect in Ni2MnGa Alloy, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A. 2005, 36A(1): 262-267.
 [5]Jianfeng Wan, Xiaolin Lei, Shipu Chen and T.Y. Hsu(XuZuyao), Electron-phonon coupling mechanism of premartensitic transformation in Ni2MnGa alloy, Script Mater, 2005, 52(2):123-127.
 [6]Jianfeng Wan, Shipu Chen, Martensitic transformation and shape memory effect in Fe-Mn-Si based alloys, Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science, 2005, 9(6): 303~312.
 [7]Jianfeng Wan, Xiaolin Lei, Shipu Chen and T.Y. Hsu, Electron transverse acoustic phonon interaction in martensitic alloys, Phys. Rev. B, 2004, 70, 014303.

Research Projects

 [1] MnFeCu antiferromagnetic shape memory alloys, 2012-20115(NSFC).


Honors & Awards

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