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Name: Jun WANG

Title: Professor

Office: Room 419, Material Building B

Tel: +86-21-5474-5387

Fax: +86-21-5474-5387

Email: junwang@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Solidification Science and Technology


Dr. Jun WANG has received his BSc (1991), MSc (1994) and PhD (1997) at Southeast University . His subsequent career has been a postdoc (1997), associate professor (1998) and professor (2005) at SJTU.


Biographical Information

Ø  Education

Ph.D, Foundry, Southeast University, Nanjing, China. 3/1994-1/1997     

M.Eng. , Metal material and heat treatment, Southeast University, Nanjing, China. 9/1991-3/1994

B.Eng., Metal material and heat treatment, Southeast University, Nanjing, China. 9/1987-7/1991

Ø  Work Experience:

1997.3-1998.12        Postdoctoral fellow ,School of materials science and engineering, SJTU

1998.12- 2005.8        Associate Professor ,School of materials science and engineering, SJTU

2005.8-present          Professor, School of materials science and engineering, SJTU

2000.10-2001.3        Research fellow, Venture Business Lab, Saga University, Japan

2002. 9-2003.3          Research fellow, Venture Business Lab, Saga University, Japan

2010. 9-2011.3         Visiting professor, Tokyo University,Japan

Research Interests

Research interests span many aspects of eco-metallurgical processing. The fundamental objective is to place processes on an ecological basis. These include theoretical, experimental and applied studies of metallic melt purification and grain refinement processes, the recycling procedures of industrial solid wastes and the metal surface coating technology.

Selected Publications

1.    Baode Sun,Jun Wang,Da Shu,Precision forming technology of large superalloy castings for aircraft engines, Springer 2021.

2.    Wang, Chentuo; Zhou, Fei; Zhou, Yang; Wang, Mengmeng; Liang, Jiamiao; Wang, Jun; Gan, Bin ,Investigations of strength and ductility in Ni-xCo-10Al alloys via discontinuous precipitation Materials Characterization, v 163, May 2020

3.    Ju,Jiang ; Yang,Chao; Ma,Shengqiang; Kang,Maodong; Wang,Kaiming; Li,Jingjing; Fu,Hanguang; Wang, Jun ,Effect of temperature on oxidation resistance and isothermal oxidation mechanism of novel wear-resistant Fe-Cr-B-Al-C-Mn-Si alloy,Corrosion Science, v 170, 1 July 2020

4.    Yahui Liu, Yun Wu, Jun Wang, Shumei Liu, Defect analysis and design optimization on the hot forging of automotive balance shaft based on 3D and 2D simulations, Int J Adv Manuf Technol v 94, n 5-8, p 2739-2749, February 1, 2018

5.    Yahui Liu, Jun Wang, Donghong Wang, Numerical optimization on hot forging process of connecting rods based on RSA with experimental verification, Int J Adv Manuf Technol, v 90, n 9-12, p 3129-3135, June 1, 2017

6.    Yahui Liu, Maodong Kang, Yun Wu, Mengmeng Wang, Haiyan Gao, Jun Wang, Effects of microporosity and precipitates on the cracking behavior in polycrystalline superalloy Inconel 718 Materials Characterization, 2017(132):175-186

7.    Gao, JW; Shu, D; Wang, J, et al., Study on iron purification from aluminium melt by Na2B4O7 flux , Materials Science and Technology,25(5):619-624,2009

Research Projects

Collaborative control on solidification forming, microstructure and defect for complex thin-walled superalloy precision castings, Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China,2021-2025

Honors & Awards

2005-Program for New Century Excellent Talents in universities (Chinese ministry of education)
2006 -Plan of Dawn by education committee of Shanghai Municipality

2008-Academic Leader Plan by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

2008-Second Prize of Science and Technology Awards of China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association

2007-Third Prize of Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Advancement Award

2006-Second Prize of National Technology Invention Awards

2005,2014,2018-First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Advancement Awards

2020- First Prize of Ministry of Education Advancement Awards

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