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Name: Liming GAO

Title: Associate Professor

Office: Room 409, Material Building D

Tel: +86-21-3420-2741


Email: Liming.gao@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Microelectronic Materials and Technology


Research Interests
Dr. Gao’s research field is semiconductor technology, including processing and reliability analysis.

Biographical Information

Liming Gao received Dr.-Ing. degree in electrical engineering from Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany in 2004. In 2004, he was with the Infineon Research Center(former Siemens Semiconductor), Munich, Germany. While at Infineon, he worked on semiconductor reliability, product and technology analysis, and failure analysis for advanced CMOS ICs. He held a position of project leader in the field of novel analysis methods for the semiconductor products from 2005 to 2009. Since September 2009, he has been an associate professor in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai. His research interests are semiconductor reliability, testing and failure analysis. His present research covers a broad range of topics, including analysis of advanced ICs products, reliability and testing of novel devices, and failure analysis of future devices and processing technologies. He has published more than 30 journal and conference papers. He is a member of IEEE.


Research Interests

Dr. Gao’s research field is semiconductor technology, including processing and reliability analysis.


Selected Publications

Silver Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition for Microelectronic Metallization,2005,Shaker Verlag, ISBN 3-8322-3895-6

Journal Papers
L. Gao, C. Burmer: PLL soft functional failure analysis in advanced logic product using fault based analogue simulation and soft defect localization. Microelectronics Reliability 48 (2008) 1349-1353.

L. Gao, C. Burmer and F. Siegelin: ATPG scan logic failure analysis: a case study of logic ICs: fault isolation, defect mechanism identification and yield improvement. Microelectronics Reliability 46 (2006) 1458-1463,

L. Gao, P. Härter, Ch. Linsmeier, A. Wiltner, R. Emling and D. Schmitt-Landsiedel: Silver metal organic chemical vapor deposition for advanced silver metallization. Microelectronic Engineering 82 (2005) 296-300.

R. Emling, G. Schindler, G. Steinlesberger, M. Engelhardt, L. Gao and D. Schmitt-Landsiedel: Deposition and CMP of sub 100nm silver damascene lines. Microelectronic Engineering 82 (2005) 273-276,

L. Gao, P. Härter, Ch. Linsmeier, J. Gstöttner, R. Emling and D. Schmitt-Landsiedel: Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silver Thin Films for Future Interconnects by Direct Liquid Injection System. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Vol. 7, 2004, 331-335,

L. Gao, J. Gstöttner, R. Emling, M. Balden, Ch. Linsmeier, A. Wiltner, W. Hansch, and D. Schmitt-Landsiedel: Thermal stability of titanium nitride diffusion barrier films for advanced silver interconnects. Microelectronic Engineering, 76 (2004) 76-81.


Research Projects

Honors & Awards

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