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Prof. Stephen MANN, Member of The Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor of Chemistry

Email address: stephenmann@sjtu.edu.cn

Other professions:

  • Founding Director of University of Bristol Centre for Organized Matter Chemistry
  • Founding Principal of University of Bristol, Bristol Doctoral Training Centre in Functional Nanomaterials,
  • Founding Director of University of Bristol Centre for Protolife Research
  • Co-Director of University of Bristol Max Planck-Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology

Fellowships :

  • Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, USA
  • Royal Society Senior Fellowship: Wolfson Research Merit Award
  • EPA Junior Research, Fellowship, Keble College, Oxford

Websites: http://www.stephenmann.co.uk


Stephen Mann FRS is Professor of Chemistry, co-Director of the Max Planck Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology, Director of the Centre for Organized Matter Chemistry and Director of the Centre for Protolife Research at the University of Bristol UK. He was Principal of the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials at the University of Bristol, UK from 2009 to 2019. Prof Mann is distinguished for contributions to biomineralization and for pioneering the bioinspired synthesis and self-assembly of functional nanostructures and hybrid nanoscale objects. His current work is focused on the design and construction of synthetic protocells. Prof Mann was elected Fellow of the Royal Society UK (2003), and awarded the RSC de Gennes Prize (2011), SCF French-British Prize (2011), RSC Nyholm Medal (2018) and Royal Society Davy Medal (2016). He was the Lillian Gollay Knafel Fellow and WYSS visiting Professor, and recipient of the Kavli Lectureship in Bionanoscience at Harvard University, USA, during 2011-12, and was visiting professor at the College de France (2009). Prof Mann has published over 500 scientific papers with a H index of over 120 with over 55,000 citations, and is listed in the 2014 Thomson Reuters index of world’s most influential scientific minds.

Research interests:

  • Proto-living Materials

Selected Publications

Articles, Book Chapters, etc.

1. Enzyme-mediated nitric oxide production in vasoactive erythrocyte membrane-enclosed coacervate protocells, Nature Chemistry, Songyang Liu, Yanwen Zhang, Mei Li, Li Xiong, Xiaohai Yang, Xiaoxiao He, Kemin Wang, Jianbo Liu, Stephen Mann. 2020

2. Distributed DNA-based Communication in Populations of Synthetic Protocells,Nature Nanotechnology,Joesaar A, Yang S, Bögels B, van der Linden A, Kumar P B V V S, Dalchau N, Phillips A, Mann S and de Greef T F A. 2019
3. Programmed Assembly of Synthetic Protocells into Contractile Prototissues,Nature Materials (Cover paper),Gobbo P, Patil A J, Li M and Mann S. 2018
4. Enzyme-powered Motility in Buoyant Organoclay/DNA Protocells, Nature Chemistry, Rodríguez-Arco L, Li M and Mann S. 2018
5. Predatory Behaviour in Synthetic Protocell Communities, Nature Chemistry (Cover paper), Qiao Y, Li M, Booth R and Mann S. 2017
6. Multimodal Plasmonic Colloidal Networks, Nature Materials, Teulle A, Bosman M, Girard C, Gurunatha K L, Li M, Mann S and Dujardin E. 2015

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