SMSE Vision

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) has been aiming to cultivate high-level talents with a solid and complete professional knowledge structure, a strong ability of self-dependent innovation and international competitiveness in the field of materials science and engineering, in order to meet the needs of talents in scientific research, engineering application, scientific and technological innovation as well as organization and management.

About SMSE

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is pioneering in setting up the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering in China, which has been composed of departments of materials science and engineering since 1997 and among which the heat treatment major was set up in 1952. The discipline of 'Materials Science and Engineering' is one of the first national first-degree subjects and has been consistently ranked top 1‰ in ESI. SMSE firstly set up master's, doctoral and post-doctoral research station, which came 20 in global QS rankings.

There are around 1,500 internal students in school, among which around 560 students are pursuing their bachelor degrees. Around 470 for master degrees and around 360 for doctoral degrees. Currently the buildings of SMSE covers an area of more than 45,500 square meters, consisting of 9 comprehensive offices and laboratory building. that occupy 40,000 square meters.

New breakthroughs have been achieved constantly in scientific research. The materials discipline has been consistently ranked top 1‰ in ESI. Academic research achievements have been published in papers in Nature, Science, Materials Science Progress and other major journals in the world. Over the past five years, it has been up to 10.2 hundred-million-yuan scientific research funds, up to 1618 SCI theses, whose number of publishing thesis ranks the tenth and citation frequency ranks the twenty-seventh in global rankings. It adds up to 797 invention patents, of which 454 are authorized and 4 are awarded second prize at national levels, 1 is awarded International Scientific Cooperation Award, 25 are awarded provincial tech awards. In addition, a large number of achievements on key technology have been applied into aviation, spaceflight, naval architecture ocean engineering-nuclear power and other engineering equipment successfully, which solved key problems in national key fields and satisfied needs of national major engineering to play an indispensable role.

Through several years of deepening reform, great achievements have been achieved in several fields including talent cultivation, scientific research, social work, and cultural inheritance in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) in SJTU. What's more, it has established the management concept of “focus on students, academic governance by professors, and promotion of democratic management” and has shaped joint vision of “making SMSE a first-class school of Materials Science and Engineering”.