Research Institutes
Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment
The Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment (IFTE) is formerly the Department of Plasticity Technology, whose history can be traced back to the Forging and Stamping Section established in early 1950s. In order to further strengthen the disciplinary of material science and engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), the Department of Plasticity Technology was merged with the School of Materials Science and Engineering on April 8, 2011, and renamed as Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment of School of Materials Science and Engineering, SJTU.
Contacts:Xianhong HAN Tel:021-62813430 ext 8256
Institute of Composite Materials
Institute of composite materials was established in 1985. There are 70 staff members, including 25 professors (researchers), 28 associate professors (senior engineers) and 63 members with PhD degree. Among the existing faculty, there are 2 chief scientist. 2 dissertations are awarded the honor of National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation.
Contacts:Wei Ma Tel:021-34202524
Institute of Light Alloys
Institute of Light Alloys is formerly known as Non-ferrous alloy and Foundry Institute. As early as the 1950s, the institute has been engaged in non-ferrous alloys related research. Based on the Institute of Light Alloy, in March 2000, the State Development and Reform Commission (formerly State Development Planning Commission) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly established the National Engineering Research Center for Light Alloy Precision Forming. In September 2009, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission approved the establishment of Shanghai Magnesium Materials and Applied Engineering Technology Research Center.
Contacts:Ying WU Tel:021-34202794
Institute of Solidification Science and Technology
The academic echelon of "Ecological Materials" was founded in Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1996 by the famous material metallurgist Yaohe ZHOU, fellow of Chinese Academy of Science. Then “the Research Center of Solidification Science and Technology " was established by Professor Baode SUN, who was the current dean of the school of Materials Science and Engineering. The center was renamed to "Institute of Solidification Science and Technology (ISST)" in 2014 and it is directed by Professor Jun WANG.
Contacts:Jiao ZHANG Tel:021-34202683
Institute of Special Materials
Institute of Special Materials (ISM) is a secondary research platform of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and is an important part of the State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites. The ISM has established eight joint laboratories with international famous universities and large enterprises. Headed by Prof. Haowei Wang, the ISM currently has more than 100 people. There are 5 professors, 6 associate professors, 8 lecturers/full-time researchers, 15 postdocs, 14 experimental support staff, and 50 graduate students.
Contacts:Yugang LI Tel:021- 34202540
Institute of Phase Transformation and Microstructure of Design
The Institute is composed of two research teams, Advanced Steel Research Institute and frontier research center for materials structure. The research team of "advanced steel and material" was established on the basis of the research group "Theory of Phase Transformation and Its Applications ", which was assembled by Academician Zuyao XU in 1998.
Contacts:Xiaorong CAI Tel:021-54745567
Institute of High Performance Metallic Materials
High Performance Metallic Materials Research Center (HPMM) is mainly focused on research in high temperature heat-resistant materials and metallic function materials. In response to the growing demand for large aircraft in China, HPMM has conducted research on the design theory and processing technology of single crystal high temperature alloy blade and deformed high-temperature alloy turbine disk.
Contacts:Yiyi CHENG Tel:021-54748974
Institute of Electronic Materials and Technology
  Institute of Electronic Materials and Technology (IEMT), which is affiliated to School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), was established in 2003 by the former dean Prof. Dali MAO and distinguished prof. Xiangfu ZONG. IEMT’s excellence is ensured by its eminent innovative team, which consists of three professors (Prof. Liancheng ZHAO, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Prof. Ming LI, the director of the institute and Prof. Tao HANG), five associate professors and more than 50 graduate students. The laboratory of IEMT now covers an area of 500 square meters, including a 200 square meters clean room, which is fully equipped with a wide range of advanced facilities for fabrication and characterization of electronic materials.
Contacts:Tao HANG Tel:021- 34202740
Welding and Laser Processing Institute
As one of the earliest research institutes that introduced welding discipline, the Welding and Laser Processing Institutes features a comprehensive research institute offering education, theoretical research, applied technology and its engineering applications. The research fields, including materials joining, process control, additive manufacturing and performance assessment, focus on meeting the requirement of ocean and ship, nuclear and thermal power, aerospace and other industries requiring large-scale equipment manufacturing.
Contacts:Yu YUN Tel:021- 34202024
Institute of Intelligent Welding and Precision Manufacturing
Institute of Intelligent Welding and Precision Manufacturing was founded in January 2015. It consists of three research laboratories, namely, Additive Manufacturing Restoration and Precision Finishing Laboratory, Virtual Welding Manufacturing Laboratory, and Intelligent Robotic Welding Laboratory; led by Chair Professor XiaoQi CHEN, Professor Hao LU, and Prof Shanben CHEN (Cheung Kong Scholar Program) respectively. The institute has three professors, two associate professor, three lecturers, several adjunct senior fellows, and a range of research collaborators.
Contacts:Huabin CHEN Tel:021-34202740
Institute of Advance Materials and Solidification
IAMS opened in 1999 by Prof. Yaohe ZHOU, owns 15 stuffs, including 1 academician of CAS, 1 winner of China National Funds for Distiguished Young Scientist, 3 full professors, 7 associate professors and 4 lectures. IAMS dedicates in both fundamental research of solidification behavior of advanced materials and technical development of advanced solidification methods. The institute is capable of performing profound solidification investigations and materials characterization. She cooperates with famous groups in the field and top class characterization team such as the teams of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility. The funding sources of IAMS include MOST, NSFC of China and a few famous enterprises. Her theoretical work on non-equilibrium solidification, the control of solidification structure, magnetostrictive materials and amorphous alloys are quite pioneer in the field, which are leading to more than 300 publications on a series high impact journals as Acta Materialia, Applied Physics Letters and so on. One graduated students won nominated National Prize for Doctorial Dissertation, 3 won Shanghai Prize.
Contacts:Qiaodan HU Tel:021-54744246
Institute of Materials Modification and Modeling
The Institute of Materials Modification and Modeling (IMMM) was established by Academician Jiansheng PAN, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering. IMMM can be dated back to the teaching and research group of heat treatment of metallic materials, which was set up in the 1950s.
Contacts:Jing WANG Tel:021- 34201934-8030
Institute of Frontier Materials
Institute of Frontier Materials consist of four groups, which are the high-temperature coating materials, solar conversion materials, advanced powder metallurgy materials and technology, and energy and environment materials. Now there are 13 faculty members.
Contacts:Tianquan LIN, Xudong YANG,
Center of Hydrogen Science
Center of Hydrogen Science(CHS)of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, founded on June, 2018, is a comprehensive research platform covering two major fields, energy and life. It is the first cross-platform dedicated to hydrogen energy, hydrogen medicine and hydrogen agronomy research in China, and also a research center of forward-looking strategic layout of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. CHS integrates scientific research and innovative personnel training, focuses on key common technologies such as hydrogen preparation, hydrogen storage and transportation, and hydrogen application. It is mainly devoted to forward-looking scientific research, as well as basic application research. In the field of hydrogen science, it is committed to achieve deep integration of cross-disciplines, achieve leading original achievements and major breakthroughs in key common technologies, and finally build a hydrogen science center and talent training base with world influence.
Contacts:Haiyan YANG Tel:021-54740302