Featured Academics
Prof. Jiansheng PAN, Member of CAE
Jiansheng Pan graduated from the Department of Metallurgy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), majoring in metal heat treatment in 1959. He stayed to teach until retirement in SJTU, serving as a professor and doctoral supervisor. He was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in 2001.
Email address:jspan@sjtu.edu.cn
Prof. Liancheng ZHAO, Member of CAE
Liancheng ZHAO has considerable academic attainments in the research of optoelectronic information functional materials and devices and solid microstructure analysis. He is mainly engaged in the research of semiconductor heterojunction, quantum well and superlattice, coherent quantum dot island, dual-band (two-color) photoelectric thin film materials and various luminescent materials, photoelectric conversion materials, optical fibers and devices, information storage materials, green fluorescent protein and molecular fluorescent probes, as well as their structural analysis, performance evaluation and engineering technology applications.
Email address:lczhao@sjtu.edu.cn
Prof. Wenjiang DING, Member of CAE
For 35 years, Wenjiang DING (MCAE) has dedicated himself to research into advanced magnesium-based alloy materials and its precision forming
Email address:wjding@sjtu.edu.cn
Prof. Stephen MANN, Member of The Royal Academy of Engineering
Stephen MANN is a founder of biomimetic materials chemistry, and is distinguished for contributions to biomineralization and for pioneering the bioinspired synthesis. His research interests are focused on the chemical synthesis, characterization and emergence of complex forms of organized matter, including models of protocell assembly.
Email address:stephenmann@sjtu.edu.cn