Materials Frontiers 2024 ISSUE 10 (Total ISSUE 78)
June 12, 2024 10:00 ~ 11:30 Yiucheng Lecture Hall (500), Xu Zuyao Building

Innovative Design and Development of Chemically Complex Intermetallic Compounds


Guest Speaker:Assoc.Prof.Tao Yang    City University of Hong Kong, China

Inviter: Prof. Jun Wang, Assoc. Yang Zhou

Date&Time: Wed.  12. June. 10:00-11:30

Venue: Yiucheng Lecture Hall (500), Xu Zuyao Building


Prof. Tao Yang is the recipient of the NSFC Excellent Young Scientist and the HKRGC Outstanding Young Scholar Award. He currently is working as the Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at City University of Hong Kong, and also serves as the core member of the Hong Kong 3D-APT Unit, Center for Advanced Structural Materials (CASM), and National Precious Metal Materials Engineering Technology Research Center of Hong Kong Branch (NPMM). Prof. Yang has won the Rising Star Award from the Hong Kong Institute of Advanced Studies (HKIAS), the Young Scientist Award from the International Union for Materials Studies (IUMRS), and the Outstanding Young Scientist Award from the Chinese Society for Materials Research (C-MRS), Acta/Scripta Outstanding Reviewer, etc.

He and his team have made significant progress in the Innovative Design and Advanced Manufacturing of High-performance Metallic Materials (especially high-temperature alloys) and achieved outstanding accomplishments. More than 140 journal papers have been published, receiving >6900 citations with a h-index of 39. Among them, as the corresponding or first author, around 50 papers, was published in top-tier journals like Science (3), Nature Communications (2), Materials Today (2), Acta Materialia (10), etc. He was selected as the Stanford's top 2% most highly cited scientists in 2021 - 2023



 As we all know, "a generation of materials, a generation of technology, a generation of industry". With the rapid development of key fields such as aerospace, energy and power, and the chemical industry, it is imperative to accelerate the research and development of new high-temperature structural materials and components with excellent comprehensive performance. Among many materials, intermetallic compounds are considered one of the most promising high-temperature structural materials due to their unique long-range ordered structure, high melting point, high strength, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and many other advantages. These compounds have garnered significant attention from material scientists worldwide. This report focuses on the academic frontier research areas, particularly introducing chemical complex intermetallic compounds a new metal structural material. The discussion will cover aspects such as "ordered superlattice structure", "multi-element cooperative alloying," and "grain boundary nanodisorder" to describe the innovative design, advanced manufacturing, and future development of chemical complex intermetallic compounds.