Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) released the technical achievement of "Successful development and first commercial application of high-brightness stainless magnesium"!

April 28, 2024 166

In the afternoon of April 19th, the "Technical Achievement Conference on the Successful Development and First Commercial Application of High-Brightness Stainless Magnesium", which was co-sponsored by Lenovo Group and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), was held in the conference center of Wenbo Building of SJTU. Wang Xiying, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Secretary General of Lenovo Technology Committee, Ma Chaochun, Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of Lenovo Consumer and SME Notebook R&D Center, Xin Zhifeng, Chief Engineer of Lenovo Group and R&D Director of Lenovo Consumer and SME Notebook, Sun Qian, Vice President and Secretary General of Magnesium Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Zhu Xinyuan, Vice President of SJTU, Ding Wenjiang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zeng Xiaoqin, President of Institute of Science and Technology Development (ISTD), Sheng Xinjun, Vice President of ISTD and President of the Institute of Advanced Industrial Technology (IAIT), Sun Lizhen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE), and representatives of a number of core enterprises in the laptop industry chain, as well as the industry media and other nearly 150 guests witnessed the release of the innovative achievements.


Ding Wenjiang made a report on "Industrial Prospect and Future of Magnesium Alloy", Xin Zhifeng, the head of the enterprise side of the joint project team, and Zeng Xiaoqin, the head of the university side of the joint project team, made the technical reports titled "The Development of High-Brightness Stainless Magnesium and Its First Commercial Application" and "The Birth of High-Brightness Stainless Magnesium", respectively. Ma Chaochun highly affirmed that the successful commercial application of high-brightness stainless magnesium technology is an important achievement of the university-enterprise cooperation between SJTU and Lenovo Group, and a model of close cooperation between industry, academia, research, and utilization to build new quality productivity. Ma Chaochun made a report on "Implementation Achievements and Industrial Prospects of High-Brightness Stainless Magnesium in Lenovo".

Wang Xiying, Zhu Xinyuan, Ma Chaochun and Sun Qian jointly unveiled and presented the "White Paper on High-Brightness Stainless Steel Magnesium Technology" and the "ThinkBook X 2024 AI" computer to the guests.


Wang Xiying said, the scientific research cooperation between Lenovo Group and SJTU follows the demand from the user, the mode of technology back to the user. The two sides focus on the key technologies, and work together to "solve the real problem" and "real solve the problem", The significant new material achievement of stainless magnesium comes from the scientific research cooperation between the two sides. Wang Xiying hoped that we can work together with top Chinese universities like SJTU, give full play to their respective advantages, cooperate more closely, and she believed that Lenovo + SJTU will bring more world firsts in the future.

Zhu Xinyuan said, Lenovo Group and SJTU have been maintaining close and extensive cooperation around the strengthening of enterprise-led industry-university-research in-depth integration, and continue to incubate new technologies and produce new results. This conference is another important result of the cooperation between the two sides.


Finally, Zhu Xinyuan read out a congratulatory letter from the International Magnesium Association (IMA), warmly congratulating the joint project team of "High-Brightness Stainless Magnesium Alloy" for winning the only prize in the category of "2024 International Magnesium Association Award of Excellence - Deformation Processing Products".

Relying on the "Siyuan One" supercomputer donated by alumnus Yang Yuanqing, the team of academician Ding Wenjiang and professor Zeng Xiaoqin from the SMSE of SJTU has developed a low-cost commercial-scale stainless magnesium alloy with corrosion resistance ten times that of the traditional magnesium alloy by adopting the high-throughput material intelligent calculation method, which has overcome the key technological pain point limiting the large-scale application of magnesium materials all the time. Based on this new material, the joint R&D project team of SJTU and Lenovo Group has, in a short time, joined hands with partners from upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to solve the technical problems of the whole series of processes, such as material preparation, part molding, high-brightness treatment, process corrosion resistance, and delicate coating, and then jointly promoted the industry's first commercial application of high-brightness stainless magnesium material in notebook computers.