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National Base

1. State Key Lab of Metal Matrix Composites

State Key Lab of Metal Matrix Composites, which was established and open since 1992, is the main R&D and supply base of lightweight high-strength multi-functional metal matrix composites in some China’s important areas.
The laboratory’s main research directions are: (1) Metal Matrix Composites (2) Polymer Matrix Composite. (3) New functional Composites.
The objective of laboratory is led by the high science and technology national defenses demand and important demand in fields of great significance. Fundamental and application researches are done on the advanced composites. For the fundamental researches, key theoretical and principal technical supports are provided. For the application researches, small batches and multi-kinds of materials are fabricated for both fields of great significance and civil application. There are 72 immobile research personnels, including 1 academician of the Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of China Engineering Academy, 8 “Changjiang Chair Professors”, 8 winners of National Outstanding Youth Foundation and 5 National “Thousand Talents Plan” Scholars.


2. The National Engineering Research Center of Die and Mold CAD (ERC)
The National Engineering Research Center of Die and Mold CAD (ERC) was established in April, 1996 under the approval of the former Chinese National Planning Commission. It focuses on the high-level scientific research and development as well as the transferring of advanced scientific and technological achievements in the field of metal forming, die and mold technologies. The first director of ERC was Prof. Ruan Xueyu, an academician of the China Engineering Academy, and the current director is Prof. Zhao Zhen.

The main research interests of ERC include:

1-Sheet metal forming, such as stamping of advanced materials, sheet metal forging, incremental forming, superplastic forming, and diffusion bonding;

2-Cold, warm, and hot extrusion and forging of metals;

3-Extreme forming and manufacturing, for instance, heavy forging, micro-forming;

4-Forming of non-metallic materials, including injection molding and forming of carbon fiber composites;

5-Mechanical models, multidisciplinary numerical simulation, and design optimization for metal forming;

6-Intelligent design, automated design, and information integration of metal forming processes, dies and molds;

7-Digital technology and interdisciplinary research of medical-engineering interdisciplinary.

 ERC has been carried on a in-depth and extensive international cooperation with the universities and institutes from the United States, Japan, Germany, etc. It is an important research base of material processing technologies and digital manufacturing technologies in China.


3. National Engineering Research Center for Light Alloy Precision Forming

Founded in March 2000, the National Engineering Research Center for Light Alloy Precision Forming is a state-level engineering research center under the approval of the State Development and Reform Commission (formerly State Development Planning Commission) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The current director of the center is Professor Ding Wenjiang.
Center main research directions include:
1- High-performance Mg alloy, Al alloy design;
2- Mg alloy, Al alloy precision forming technology;
3- Mg alloy, Al alloy melt processing technology;
4- Mg alloy, Al alloy corrosion and protection technology
5- Mg-based biomaterials;
6- Mg-based energy materials
After more than a decade of development, the center has now become an important research and development base for Magnesium alloy, Aluminum alloy materials and products in China. It is also one of the most influential light alloy research teams in the world.


4. National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology (NERCN) 

National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology (NERCN) was sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission of China in 2003.NERCN aims to hold together brilliant researchers in nanotechnology from Shanghai and even the whole China to do some research and development and popularizes S&T results focusing on present and potential market demands for nanotechnologies and products, in order to promote the development of nanotechnology industry, push the technology progress of traditional industries, develop Hi-tech industries and provide technology support for national economic, social development and national security. NERCN has established advanced engineering research facilities and implemented applied research and product development for nanotechnologies in the area of Nanotechnology for Environment, Nanotechnology for New Energy, Functional Nanomaterials, Nano Biomedicine and Biomaterials and Information Nanomaterials and Devices.  

Provincial Base

1. Shanghai Key Laboratory of Materials Laser Processing and Modification 

Founded in 2007, the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Materials Laser Processing and Modification (MLPM) was approved and established by the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee. Based on the advanced manufacturing of large-scale equipment in fields like automobile, steel, energy, marine engineering and aerospace, the key lab conducts basic theoretical research, applied technology R&D and system equipment development of materials laser processing, materials intelligent modification and advanced welding processing. The laboratory has a laser processing lab co-constructed by the China and German governments and an International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Laser Processing, serving the significant requirements of the State and Shanghai city in advanced manufacturing.  

2. Shanghai Magnesium Materials and Applied Engineering Technology Research Center (SMA)

Founded in September 2009, Shanghai Magnesium Materials and Applied Engineering Technology Research Center (SMA) is a research and development center of advanced Mg alloy materials officially approved by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Its main research area includes high-performance Mg alloy and forming, Mg-based energy materials, and Mg-based biomaterials. SMA has advanced material preparation, testing and characterization equipment such as high vacuum die-casting system, plasma metal nanopowder preparation system, simultaneous thermal analyzer, gas-solid phase reactors, electrochemical workstations, etc. SMA has developed high thermal-conductive Mg alloys, Mg-based hydrogen-storage material, Magnesium hydride fuel cell, rechargeable Mg battery, biodegradable medical Mg alloy, high vacuum die-casting, and squeeze casting technology in order to meet application demand for Mg alloys in the automotive, communications and medical industries.

3. Shanghai Key Laboratory of Advanced High-temperature Materials and Precision Forming

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Advanced High-temperature Materials and Precision Forming,approved by the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee (STCSM), was established in September 2013.
Aiming at solving key technical and scientific issues of high temperature materials and their forming used as key heat-resistant components of aeroengines and gas turbines as well as better understand the materials forming process, four research directions are set, including the complicated multi-alloy composition design and strengthening mechanism of high temperature materials, precision forming of high temperature materials, preparation and performance evaluation of thermal barrier coatings, service performance and life assessment of high-temperature materials. These research areas are developed to meet the major requests of aerospace technology development, energy equipment and advanced manufacturing proposed by Shanghai and China.

The laboratory owns first-class domestic research and development platform of nickel-based superalloy large-scale complex thin-walled investment casting. The laboratory builds up a joint innovation center of aero-engine precision manufacturing technology with Aero Engine Corporation of China and also participated in the construction of Shanghai Aeronautical Materials Testing Evaluation and Innovation Technology Platform.

4. International Science and Technology Cooperation Base by Ministry of Science and Technology, in laser processing and nano-materials

The International Cooperation Base of Laser Processing mainly focuses on laser welding and advanced materials modification research, with extensive international science and technology cooperation and exchange. Currently, the base has 34 researchers, including 14 professors. The base has established science and technology cooperation relationship with universities and research institutes from German, Japan, Canada and other countries and well-known foreign enterprises, such as Trumpf, General Motors, Hitachi and so on. To date, the base has undertaken 7 international science and technology cooperation projects and 16 international R&D projects. More than 160 SCI papers have been published in laser manufacturing, thermal barrier coatings, heat treatment modification and function alloys.

5. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Baotou Institute of Materials Research

The co-construction agreement of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Baotou Institute of Materials Research between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Baotou Government was signed on 3.10.2015. The institute was officially established on 7.21.2015, located in Baotou Rare Earth High Tech Zone. The institute is based on the principle of problem oriented, fully opened, deeply integrated, innovation driven and it is posited a connector of science and technology and industry, a booster of achievement industrialization, an incubator of innovation and entrepreneurship, a develop device of applied talents. Pilot study, technical service, industrial incubation, and personnel training are the main function of this institute. It adheres to the principle of innovation, industry, open, fusion, depending on Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Baotou government and opening to the whole society, extensively absorbing the advantages of domestic and foreign innovation, forming a mode of pluralistic, open and dynamic, promoting the adjustment of regional industrial structure and the development of new industries, playing a leading role in the regional innovation, aiming to make outstanding contributions to economic and social development in Baotou and the construction of a world-class university of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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