Shanghai Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center
Shanghai Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center was found in 2020.

Teaching Laboratory Center for SMSE, founded in 2006, is an experimental practicing base on campus for students majored in materials science and engineering and others related aiming at providing support and service for teaching and research.

The center provides fully support to education objectives of SMSE by cultivating innovative and hands-on abilities of the students. The center also supports undergraduate students in other sister colleges such as UM-SJTU joint institute and SJTU-Paris Tech Elite Institute of Technology in experimental teaching courses. Meanwhile, analyses and testing service is offered to both faculty members and postgraduates for their scientific researches. A multi-level experimental teaching system combining virtual and real, online and offline experiments has been established after series teaching reform projects from both Shanghai Jiao Tong university and Shanghai government about experiment and practice teaching design. In the past three years, honorary titles are achieved as follows,

(1) Shanghai Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in 2020;

(2) The first batch teacher teams of “Excellent grass-roots teaching organizations of Shanghai Jiao Tong University” in 2021;

(3) “Experimental and application teaching demonstration course” of Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Innovation Alliance in 2022.